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Why Startup Accelerators are Must-Have? (Startup Booster, Episode 1)

by Administrator, on Jun 20
Why does a startup need an accelerator and why it cannot have the same mentor for a long time? Learn answers to these questions and many more in the 1st episode of the Startup Booster Course, which covers an essential topic of startup acceleration.
Startup booster acceleration

Startup Booster is the first comprehensive video guide for startups. It consists of step-by-step instructions on all main stages and actual tasks of startup development and growth. Every video lesson includes practical recommendations, useful tips, real cases and lifehacks from active investors, serial entrepreneurs and market an intensive crash video-course for acceleration and viral growth of your startup created by the global startups and investors direction InnMind

The first edition of the Startup Booster Course covers an essential topic of startup acceleration. We have spoken to an Acceleration Guru, Tal Catran, about the role of an acceleration program for a startup, about mentorship and startup support.  

Tal Catran is serial entrepreneur, Acceleration Guru, TEDx Speaker, Program Director at GatIT Accelerator in Israel, Program Leader and Mentor at Shamoon College of Engineering in Israel

What we discussed in this episode: 

  • What is an accelerator and what is the main goal of an accelerator?
  • What should a startup expect from startup accelerators and what do the founders have to do themselves?
  • At which stage can a startup address to an accelerator?
  • Is it a good idea for a startup to go to several startup accelerators in a row, one after another?
  • How much time is a startup expected to invest into acceleration program?
  • Should a startup be afraid of an accelerator taking up control over the project?
  • Is there any guarantee of the results after an acceleration program?
  • Top startup accelerators in the world and in major regions.

Tal highilghts that a startup cannot and should not have the same mentor for a long time. The project should evolve and together with it, the needs change and startup requires other supporters in a role of mentors. 

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► Startup Booster is an intensive crash video-course for acceleration and viral growth of your startup created by the global startups and investors direction InnMind brings together professionals in the field of innovation, helps start-ups find an investor, mentor or expert, gives tools and resources for the growth and development of innovative start-ups, helps investors with project expertise and due diligence.


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