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Stop searching for Holy Grail in forex

by Rudy Heeter, from Rudy Heeter, on Jun 12
Many traders have spent their lives in forex looking for the Holy Grail. We have the answer for you so that you do not waste your precious time.
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Many traders have spent their lives in forex looking for the Holy Grail. We have the answer for you so that you do not waste your precious time. There is no Holy Grail in Forex. There is really no Holy Grail. All you have to do is make your own Holy Grail by working really hard in the market and analyzing the market trend. Though it is hard for many traders to believe it, as there are many websites which claim a single strategy can be used in all types of market for profit, it is not true. Every type of market is different. Also, the types of traders are different. If there was a really Holy Grail in Forex, for example, say the scalping is the Holy Grail, there would be no need for other strategies like the day trading, position trading or even the swing trading. All of the websites will only focus on scalping and everybody would be making money.

Holy Grail does not exist in Forex

If you cannot accept that you will never find a Holy Grail in your life in Forex trading, you can very easily make your own grail. All the traders who are trading the market with millions of dollars have their own Holy Grail. Do you know what is it? It is their hard work, dedication in the market and patience. If you can combine these three simple things in your career in Forex, you can create the magical sparkling of Holy Grail in your life. The professional traders always use their high-leverage trading account in an efficient way and make decent profits at the end of the month. So if you are new in trading then make sure that you know the details about the IB broker leverage so that your trade is not forcibly closed by margin calls.

Only practice is real

The time that you are wasting going through thousands of resources only trying to find a strategy that really works in all of the markets, if you have used that time to learn the Forex market, you would have been a master by now. Many traders have lagged their career only looking for this illusion. It is not real and you will not have it in your lifetime. Only practice is real in Forex. If you can dedicate yourself to daily practicing in Forex, you may not find the Holy Grail, but you can surely find your dreaming strategy that you will be happy to call it as your very own Holy Grail.

Conclusion: Trading in Forex is not a magic. Professional traders are not a magician and they are only humans with hard work and practice. If you learn the basic of the forex market and trade the market with the extreme level of discipline then you will find a balance in your trading strategy.All your hard work is the result of your perfect trading system which you can call it as your own Holy Grail in the market.

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