Review of the Global Funding Report Q1 2017

InnMind presents you the Global Funding Report of the first quarter of 2017 in infographic

Global report q12017

This weekend we prepared an infographic using Funderbeam’s data.

We will speak about startup fundraising worldwide in the first quarter of 2017.

The aim of this report is to provide investors, founders, and startup-professionals around the world with valuable data.

Due to the difference in funding activity in different regions, we’ve split the data into four different regions: North America, Europe, Asia, rest of world (RoW).

                   American Angel Monitor


*The data for this report was collected by Funderbeam and used by InnMind with editor’s permission.


As we see, there is a decrease in the main regions that have developed infrastructure to support startups. But there is a growth in other parts of the world.

Despite a global cool-down of funding, average deal-sizes have gone up in all regions. This trend is the strongest in North America and Asia. The biggest increase was in Asia, where the average deal-size rose from just over $19 million to more than $32 million – an increase of more than 67%.

Overall, the significance of investing in North America has decreased over recent years.  

In Q1 2017, almost 40% of the total global funding went to other regions, compared to Q1 2013. The share of funding outside North America has doubled over the recent years.

As for industries, IT took a slight dip and lost its position as the leader and places now second.

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