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by Алексей Дмитриев, from Антианоним, on May 30
HELLO!PHONE BUSINESS WEBReplace the phone directory and act.Freely earn and spend money.Jointly implement the

PERSONAL EMPLOYMENT SERVICE. Things were bad, and decent wages. Turned to friends, they were willing to help, but human nature often forgot and asked to constantly remind yourself. Tried to place their offers on the Internet on various message boards and social networks, but there they were lost in the multitude of sites and ads flow, or brought a minimal effect due to low confidence in the unfamiliar partner.  But once I had someone called "Answer the message in your OFFICE." Urgent download the application, I saw introduced himself to me with a proposal. It turned out, the biggest telephone network has a free public telephone directory personal online offices. The mobile app automatically together with the number in the...

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