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European Angel Monitor

by Administrator, on May 20
This short report shows you the trends of European angel investments.
Angel monitor

Friends, we present you the short report about the market of angels investments in Europe.

This report will be useful for business angels and for everyone, who participates in venture market: foundations, companies, development institutions, tech entrepreneurs, etc.

*In the analysis  researchers relied on data of 2015

European market showed a moderate increase - 8.3% since 2013. In addition, out of   €6.1 billion investments, just €607 million are “visible” investments, and €5.462 billion are “invisible” investments. There was also growth in the number of angel groups from 400 in 2011 to 470 in 2015.

In general, European market supports IT startups. European business angels are not afraid of investing in technical projects in areas like production, Biotech and science of life.

Interesting fact is that there is an increase of investment in startups on stage PRE-IPO. For example, last year there were just 4% of investments in startups on stage PRE-IPO, this year the number is already 6%. Similarly, there is an increase of investments in startups on late stages.

We should also mention return rate: 67% of all returns were positive returns. It is 7% higher than last year.

Summarising the European statistics, we tried to focus on the most important trends: focus change from earlier to later stages and the growth of angel groups.

*Data source: Russian Angel Monitor 2016 (report in Russian)

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