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Legal issues

Five Frequent Legal Mistakes a Startup Can Make

by Людмила Харитонова, from ЮК "Зарцын и партнеры", on May 12
Founders often disregard the legal side of business and make a lot of mistakes no matter what country they launch a project in.
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Each of them may prove to be risky and result in substantial losses or even the loss of the project itself.  We’ve made a list of five often mistakes that businessmen all over the world make. 5. No documented agreements between founders If there are several founders in the project, all agreements must be properly documented.  The following aspects are mandatory for any project: — Separation of duties; — Funding; — Shares in the project. Otherwise avoiding conflicts would be impossible.  Imagine one of the founders decided to leave the project. How will you share profits and intangibles? How will the remaining partner manage the project in the future when there are no documented agreements? Don’t forget that this kind...

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