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Startup Evolution Curve - a step-by-step manual to launch your startup (25% discount for InnMind users)

by Administrator, on May 2
All InnMind users have a chance to get the detailed guide on how to launch a product with a 25% discount
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Dr. Donatas Jonikas, the author of Startup Evolution Curve holds a Ph.D. in Economics and a Master’s in Marketing Management. He has more than 12 years of experience in the field and helped to implement winning marketing strategies for more than 50 companies in different countries and industries around the globe.  If you want to find investors for your startup or if you are developing an innovative business on your own, this startup marketing manual is a shortcut! 1,447 startup founders from all over the world shared their experience and nearly 500 additional in-depth interviews were done to write this step by step manual for startup owners. This book has been highly evaluated by 30 experts around the World!  SHOWS THE WAY...

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