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Hollywood tech’s top investors

by Irina Ionova, from InnMind, on Apr 23
Hollywood doesn’t produce only films. It is a place where you can find investors too.
Hollywood tech's top investors

Speaking about Hollywood we always think about films. But many great actors are investors too. Let’s see who supports startups among well-know stars.

Ashton Kutcher

He is one of young Hollywood stars, but he has the biggest experience in startup area.

Ashton Kutcher founded venture capital firm A-Grade Investments in 2010 to invest in technology startup companies. He invested in Airbnb, Flipboard, Skype, Ubermedia. Among so many successful projects Kutcher's first investment, online calling company Ooma, flopped. Since then the actor has had better luck.

Jared Leto

According to CBInsights infographic The Top 22 Celebrity Startup Investors And Their Investments Jared Leto is placed on the 5th place. He has 50+ tech investments in companies like reddit, Headspace - digital health platform, providing guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training, Slack, Uber, etc. As he says he is very lucky in investing.

Justin Timberlake

He does not have so many investments  as Jared Leto and Ashton Kutcher. Despite that, he helps companies to fundraise. For example, social network Myspace. He took an ownership stake in the dying social network; he made strategy and creative decisions for the company.

Another example, beverage startup Bai Brand.

He has become an investor in Bai Brands, a partnership that will see the Grammy winner serve as "Chief Flavor Officer" as he helps steer product development and upcoming marketing campaigns. "I've been a fan of Bai for a long time," Timberlake said in a statement. "This partnership was created from a shared desire to help people put better ingredients in their bodies without sacrificing taste."

He also invested in audio technology company AfterMaster Audio Labs and application Stripple which allows people to label, share and advertise on pictures.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, who has finally got the Oscar, also invests in startups. According to CrunchBase he has 9 investments in 9 companies. He is also a founder of Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Its mission is protecting the world’s last wild places. LDF implements solutions that help restore balance to threatened ecosystems, ensuring the long-term health and well-being of all Earth’s inhabitants.

So, Leonardo often supports startups which save environment and have good impact on people’s health. He invested in

  • Love the Wild, which makes it easy to cook sustainable fish: good for the body and the planet;
  • sleep startup Casper;
  • Diamond Foundry, startup which creates diamonds for social and environmental good.

Will Smith

Except investments in films, Will Smith also invests in startups. He is interested in different areas.

Will Smith invested in

  • BioBeats, artificial intelligence for human well-being;
  • Julep, ecommerce beauty brand;
  • Chromatik, application connects the world’s musicians.

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr, like Ashton Kutcher, has venture capital fund called Downey Ventures.

Downey Ventures invests in digital media start-ups and incubates consumer entertainment technology companies.

Despite that, ‘Iron man’  with singer Jay-Z invested in MasterClass, a site that offers interactive video courses taught by big names including athletes, actors, and singers.

As you know, InnMind has own database of investors and there are many celebrities in their areas:

Frederic Joye, co-founder at Arcanys and Arcanys Lab.

They are popular in their regions:

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Roman Gold

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