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The 50 Most Promising Startups You’ve Never Heard Of

by Administrator, on Apr 20
The analytical company Quid together with Bloomberg have made analysis of 50.000 of successful startup companies and chose the 50 of most promising startups in 2017.
50 startups

This March Bloomberg published the article by Ellen Huet with the review of the latest data from Quid - the market analysis tool based on artificial intelligence. Quid looked at more than 50,000 of successful startup companies that had received venture capital or venture debt in the past three years. The data on investment received, investors, location and founding year came from S&P Capital IQ and are current as of September 2016.  As a result researches chose 50 it deemed the most promising. They used the the following criteria of success: Have the company’s founders worked together before? Is the business in a hot sector, one where many other new startups are also focusing? Has it raised funding at a quick pace? ...

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