Product Launch: have you done all your homework? Webinar with Dr. Donatas Jonikas (video)

The step-by-step guide to launch your product wisely


While big product launch campaigns for traditional well established business might be the best approach, approximately 80% of startup big launches fail. Startups are not traditional business and there are different rules when you want to introduce an innovative product or service to the market.  What is the startup way of product launch and how to enter the market successfully – that’s the main topic of this webinar.

In order to write Startup Evolution Curve, a marketing manual for startups, Dr. Donatas Jonikas did a global research on startups surveying 1,447 founders and running close to 500 additional in-depth interviews. He was looking for concepts, shortcuts and best practices for early stage startups. Product launch is one of the most important startup development stages, and in this webinar you’ll find out:

  1. Why startup BIG launches fail most of the time?
  2. How smart product launch starts before creating the product?
  3. What are key pillars of marketing strategy for successful product launch?
  4. What are essential tactics of your value proposition for profitable launch?
  5. How to create a marketing plan on one page to make it happen?

Dr. Donatas Jonikas shares his insights and real case examples of startup product launch from his global research. After watching this webinar you will be able to prepare for more efficient product launch and take necessary actions in advance, because you will know:

  • what tasks in marketing should be done even before starting to develop your product;
  • what needs to be done before the product launch to make it successful;
  • when you can expect miracles form “growth hacking” and etc.

Here is the full video of the webinar: 



By the way, the book Startup Evolution Curve is already available in paper back format


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