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Information for investors: VCs, business angels, family offices, corporate investors, tech venture capital firms and all other professionals, seeking for promising investment opportunities in startups. This post is for you, guys!


On the wall in the office of one of venture capital firms there is a wallpaper telling everyone: “Investing in innovative startups is the most direct way to lose your money, even shorter than wasting them in casino and euro bonds”. ;) This industry joke was born on the basis of real cases and venture statistics, demonstrating that over 80% of investments in innovative startups fail or bring no benefits in the end.

Investing in startups

So, why venture capital industry continues growing, and every year we have more investment funds established and more private investors and business angels getting rid of traditional wealth management and joining risky venture industry?

It’s all about those 20% (or even less) of successful cases. Statistically, they generate profits which can cover 80% of previous failures and bring the investor significant revenue from just one deal. This 20% of successful startups is the secret St’ Graal of venture industry which all investors are looking for.

Some of the most experienced venture capital companies from Silicon Valley (like Sequoia Capital, for example) have built enough expertise to be able to change their own statistics, reduce risks and increase profits, so that those 20% of successful startups bring billions of dollars to their investors. But there are not so many companies like that and they strictly limit the number of private investors who can join their funds.

But how all the rest can become closer to this statistics, increasing their chances for successful investments? For this we developed InnMind platform, an effective and comprehensive instrument for independent investors and venture capital firms to improve investment experience in startups.

Its basic feature is advanced networking and connection opportunities, allowing investors to search among thousands of innovative projects worldwide, review their profile description and connect directly with founders to negotiate investment opportunity.

What is unusual for such kind of platforms - InnMind team manually reviews and checks the startups profile information, controls relevance of contact details and project informations. This reduces the risk of wasting investors time on checking fake profiles (which is such a common problem in other startup databases).

Premium investors subscription gives even more advanced opportunities to improve their investment experience. Specially developed search algorithm analyses investment criteria set up in investor's profile and finds the best matching startup profiles. As a result - investor receives directly in his mailbox a set of the recommended startups which match his pipeline criteria. It is the easiest and the most effective way to create a personal startup funnel, without wasting time and money for participation in tons of startup events, surfing the Internet or negotiating with intermediaries.

premium subscription

After choosing an interesting startup among recommended ones, investor can get additional premium support from InnMind and benefit from external startup expertise: independent assessment and due diligence of the chosen startups. It allows investors to save months of time and significantly reduce the investment risks, even without having their own in-house expertise.

With over thousand of industry experts in variety of sectors in 40+ regional markets, InnMind gives access to the most relevant and comprehensive expertise for startups assessment, which can significantly reduce the risks of missing the “red line” - alarming factor which may lead to startup failure.

One more problem InnMind can help to resolve is search for co-investors. With over 400 VCs, business angels and family offices on board, InnMind can share investor’s request and connect directly with other investors, interested in co-investment opportunities and having additional expertise, relevant for the particular case. Very often this approach of joining expertise and sharing investment risks becomes an important factor increasing chances of successful investment.

Investment in innovative startups is always a risk for investor and those people who are not prepared for this risk would better choose some traditional tactics of capital management.

But opportunities in case of success are incomparable!

So, once you decided to join this journey seeking for valuable startups - it is always worth making an effort to reduce the risks and using all the existing solutions to increase your chance of successful investments. InnMind platform is dedicated to help investors in this, combining comprehensive expertise in startups assessment and creating the whole infrastructure for you to benefit from the best investment experience. Try it once and you’ll never regret.

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