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Applied Neuromarketing (video)

by Administrator, on Mar 10
The speakers discuss the points of contact between product and its users and their senses
Neuromarketing webinar

This video is the second part of the webinar about UX and Neuromarketing. (You can find the first video here) In the video founders of Great Crew are sharing their insights about usage of neuromarketing on practice and help us learn about:  - how consumers or visitors are making decisions - how they feel while using your product or service Definitions of the points of contact or touchpoints.  Addressing user's senses in different points of contact. How important unconscious is and how to call to different senses. How indirect senses could affect overall impression (complex combinations). Brief Q&A session: applying to particular business cases Short ideas on most interesting webinar attendees' questions.   Here is the brief overview of what you...

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