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Technical Project Management - tips (Video)

by Administrator, on Mar 6
In this video you will receive answers to the "hottest" questions for startup founders and entrepreneurs: how many developers you need on an early stage of the project, how to use agile method, how to prepare specifications, when to enter market, etc
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In his second webinar at InnMind, Frederic Joye, co-founder at Arcanys and Arcanys Lab answered questions of the listeners, on the topic of tech project management.  Frederic speaks about the following points: 🚀 How to avoid the #1 causes of project failure and delays 🚀 How to manage requirements properly 🚀 How to manage the code properly Here are other questions, that he covered in the webinar:  00:09:43         Team in a Tech Project   00:10:52        How many developers are enough for a startup in an early stage? (more details at 50:25) 00:15:06        Processes in Tech Project 00:17:03        No.1 Cause of Project Failures 00:19:04        What about AGILE Dev in order to keep...

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