A word on User Experience and its appliance to business outcome

To improve your business you should know how customers decide to buy product and what they feel. Read how neuromarketing approach can develop your business

A word on user experience and its appliance to business outcome

User Experience is often perceived as just one part - that mention computers - of its formal definition, which says: 

User experience (UX) refers to a person's emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership.

And moreover UX is often confused or mixed with UI, but there are plenty of articles about that already.

With extensive penetration of internet and technologies in our live, many started to by default think that anything is related to digital, and here is a one misconception that can cost you money. So the actual title of our upcoming webinar should’ve been “User experience outside of the digital space and inside his brain”.

As an inventor and entrepreneur you probably already have had experience when new products do not meet users acceptance after first usage, despite the fact that these ‘test’ users were saying that they liked the product. And you just can not gather any feedback from them to improve your product.

Hereinafter we will refer to any artificial creation as a “product”, so it could be a website, a mobile app, a gadget or a teapot, for the purposes of User Experience Design it is all the same. That really means: there is no difference for our emotional part between usage of real and onscreen (say digital) products.

It is not enough to just build a good product - it is important to be clear to your users, and to do that we need to ask several vital questions about User Experience:

  •  how do users feel themselves using the product?
  •  what impressions about the product (and about the brand behind it) are formed and molded into their brain?
  •  how to “design” experiences that will form positive and regular usage of the product?

All these things are tightly related to the understanding of the conscious and unconscious processes in human brain and understanding of the information environment of target consumers. That knowledge could be generalized into a thoughtful approach which helps businesses to understand their customers, develop better and more demanded products.

There is no need to have a degree in psychology to apply that knowledge to business needs (although it will hugely help in case you already have one) and in upcoming serie of webinars we will uncover more about how neuromarketing approach help to develop better user experience.

At webinar "User experience and applied neuromarketing" you will learn about:

  • meaning of user experience 
  • user experience design 
  • how startups and entrepreneurs can apply it to their business
  • fundamental techniques of the user experience and applied neuromarketing.


You can watch video (Part I) to learn more about User Experience: 


Follow the link to get more information about full program and speakers Webinar "User experience and applied neuromarketing".

Watch the second webinar on Applied Neuromarketing here


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