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How to manage a startup tech team (Video)

by Administrator, on Feb 21
In this video you will learn the right questions to ask yourself, and the information not to forget when building your team.
Tech team startup

In tech, there are 2 elements to deal with: people and processes. If you lack one, you won’t be able to ship a good product in time, quality and budget. How, with limited resources can startups make sure they get the best of both and quickly ship a good product? Startup founders need to understand the people and roles needed in the creation of software and avoid the number one cause of project failures and delays due to mismanaged people and information. Startups are by definition messy, creative, in a constant urgency of getting stuff done with little money, and lots of them fail because of this. But this is not each startup’s fate! With the right mindset, tools and...

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