Startup and Law (video)

In the video Pavel Vasilevsky, founder of Ferz SA, speaks about basics in law aspects that every startup should know. How to register a company, what legal entity to choose and how to hire employees.

Startup and law

Our next webinar on InnMind covered the topic Law.

We regularly receive numerous questions from startups about different aspects of starting and running business in Europe and in Switzerland in particular.

We invited Pavel Vasilevski, a head of a Swiss law firm, to explain the main things that entrepreneurs should be aware of. In this webinar, Pavel answers the questions about residence in the country where you are moving your business to, and some aspects of hiring employees. 

The video covers the following topics: 

- which company style best suits your project

- what kind of tax regime you should expect from such incorporation

- how you can assure your and your employee's presence in Switzerland

- how to deal with your new Swiss partners in terms of contract law


If you have further questions, you can address to Pavel Vasilevsky

To see more information about our next webinar, you can visit us here

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