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10 must watch videos for startups

by Administrator, on Jan 29
In this article InnMind collected useful videos, which help startups to make a pitch and presentation to investor, choose marketing strategy, and raise money.
10 must watch videos

I think you agree with me that video is the best way to perceive information. You get sound and picture at the same time - and there are more chances that you will remember the information!

Did you know that scientists found out that after listening we can recall only 10% of information, after seeing visuals and presentations - around 20%, and when we use both ways to perceive information, audio and visual, we have an opportunity to memorise about 65% of what we heard and seen! Amazing, isnt’t it?

So, here are 10 short videos that must to be watched by all startups.

Let’s begin with a pitch. Oh, I think a lot of you swallowed hard now.  Yes, it is one of the most important moments in communication with investors. These videos will help you present an idea to the investor.

The first short video gives you 4 tips on pitching for investment.

Next video is a short lecture of David Rose, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, about presentation to investors.


In that video Jason Teteak, public speaking and presentation skills expert, gives you techniques to make your voice sound confident and make a great presentation.

The fourth video gives you tips on how to create one page pitch, which you can use on meeting with investor, lender or business partner.

By the way, there are the biggest startups events in 2017 where you will need pitch skills.

We wrote about Gary Vaynerchuk in our article about the most successful influencers in marketing. He is a prolific angel investor, venture capitalist and founder. Gary has a show The #AskGaryVee Show, where everybody can ask him about business, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc. So here are some answers to the most demanded questions for startups.



Short video tells you what character  traits you need to manage people and to be a leader.

In next video Dan Martell, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, shares with you 3 reasons why you should tell everyone about your startup idea.

In the end here is a motivational video to inspire you and  set your way to success.

Improve skills and come true your idea!

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