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The Basics of Marketing for Startups - Intro

by Ekaterina Voronova, from Ekaterina Voronova, on Jan 17
What should a startup know about marketing. Introduction
Marketing for startups

We all know that there are 2 important components of the successful projects, which are: PRODUCT and TEAM. If you have only one of them, you should urgently deal with the other one. They do not compensate each other and cannot be interchanged. If you have both, you have more chances. Now, there is something that is still missing here. You developed a great product (testing the product is another story, we won’t speak about it here), you got devoted team, now what? How are you planning to proceed? And here comes MARKETING and SALES. When you got an idea of your product, have you thought about finding the clients? Where? How? Most startups just think that clients simply come,...

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