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Why Startups need to protect their Intellectual Properties

by Patent Projects, from Patent Projects, on Jan 7
An Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolio, including Patents, Trademarks and Designs, is crucial for Companies. However, many Startuppers overlook the importance of protecting their IP. Here we briefly give reasons to build an IP Portfolio.
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Patents, Registered Trademarks and Designs are intangible assets which add great value to Startups - and Companies in general. Indeed, commercial strength and financial value of Startups owning an IP portfolio is significantly increased. With these rights, Startups can defend their market share. This leads to a competitive advantage which enhances brand reputation and gives longevity to the business.

An IP Portfolio is a signal of quality. Hence, banks and investors are attracted by companies which take care of it. Access to funds is facilitated and chances to be acquired are increased.

By contrast, without proper protection, innovations and designs could be copied, and brand names imitated.

Try to imagine a Company which comes up with a product at the cutting edge of technology. Such product has not been protected with a Patent and hence can be copied. Would you invest there?

Bear in mind that it is not only a matter of "owing" and IP Portfolio, but a "solid" IP portfolio is necessary. Therefore, professional advice is required, and helps to find the IP professional which best suits your need. Of course, you can search a professional on your own, but - in addition to being tedious and time-consuming - you will always struggle with questions like "Did I find the most competitive professional?".

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