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What it means to be an entrepreneur?

by Administrator, on Dec 18
Results of the survey of 700 founders showing their experience of being entrepreneurs. This publication presents the overview of the survey, you can find full report on the website of First Round Review
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First Round Review has prepared an overview of an entrepreneur’s profile – and other aspects which might raise interest of a person who starts a business. For this overview they have collected answers from 700 founders to see their experience and observations about being an entrepreneur. The way the data is presented is very interactive and engaging. So, we won’t speak much, just give you the most striking facts from the research: All observations were published on First Round Review and are partially reposted on InnMind with editor’s permission. Want to get more on InnMind?  Tons of promising projects interested to find new partners and investors  Active investors and experts ready to support young entrepreneurs  Useful tools to run your business and manage...

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