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Legal issues


by Pavel Vasilevski, from FERZ SA, on Dec 17
FERZ SA is a Swiss law office, located in the heart of Lausanne. We provide wide spectre of services for startups in national and international level.
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Our Lausanne's legal advice office renowned for our commitment to the clients along with our ability to provide innovative solutions to the most complex legal problems. Today, legal adwice have developed to provide additional high quality fiduciary services.

We offer a wide range of legal services to businesses, individuals and many other organizations. Our jurists are competent in the most important areas of law and possess in-depth knowledge and experience to provide best solutions for our clients. Our knowledge and extensive experience guarantee our clients only high quality legal services, timely legal advice and successful results even in the most difficult legal situations. We do not believe in standardized solutions because each client and each situation is unique and requires a distinctive approach.

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