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69 posts to make you Social Media Expert

by Administrator, on Dec 13
Social media really works for your business, if you of course know all the best marketing tips and tricks. If not, we will help you to fill this gap of knowledge.
69 posts

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit. Which one is your favorite? Where do you actively promote the business?

Nowadays it’s just impossible to imagine your marketing campaign without social media. It gives a lot of opportunities: to gain valuable information about what your customers are interested in and how they behave, to promote your product or service, to build brand awareness and customer loyalty, to measure referrals from your social media activity to sales.

Social media really works for your business, if you of course know all the best marketing tips and tricks. If not, we will help you to fill this gap of knowledge.

For all startups, entrepreneurs and marketing specialists who started promoting on social media - read these best 69 publications and start implementing. Only real, working cases, chosen and filtered by InnMind team. So, take a sit and let’s go!

How to promote on Facebook  

10 Smart & Easy Facebook Marketing Ideas to Help Grow the Audience and Business.

It is critical to have a business Facebook presence, but it’s becoming increasing challenging to stand out among the peers. With over 1 billion daily active Facebook users, marketers need to be smart in terms of how they grow their audience and business through Facebook. Here is 10 ideas to help you.

7 Facebook Marketing Tips to Help Increase Engagement

Although it’s tempting to just write up some content, find a cute image, and post away, approaching Facebook with some strategy will improve your chances of actually engaging in valuable conversations with your audience and customers.

7 Quick & Dirty Ways to Grow a Fan Base on Facebook

Nowadays if you want to grow a high-quality, engaged fan base on Facebook, you need to plan well & execute well. Here is 7 ways Scott Ayres - co-author of Facebook All-In-One for Dummies and "Ambassador of Awesome" at Post Planner - has used himself.

50 Free Ways to Increase Page Likes

Most marketers know how to increase Facebook page likes through Facebook’s paid ad platform, but there are plenty of ways to grow your likes without spending any money. This article will walk you through 50 effective and free ways to increase your Facebook page likes.

Facebook Cover Photo Do's and Don'ts

Your Facebook page cover photo is the first where people look. Whether you're using Facebook to generate leads, close your next sale, or create a customer community, knowing how to make and optimize your cover photo is very important. Read on to learn what you should (and shouldn't) do in your cover photo.

Top 25 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Facebook is a great platform to spread awareness about your small business, however, it can be tricky for small business owners to know where to start. This list of Facebook marketing tips is compiled to help you create a valuable Facebook page for your business, so you can start promoting your products and services to a wider audience.

All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options (in One Epic Infographic)

To help you navigate the seemingly murky waters of Facebook ads, the graphic designer Bekah Wheeler put together the handy infographic! This graphic will walk you through all the many demographic, interest, behavior, connection and remarketing targeting options that are at your disposal as a Facebook advertiser.

A Deep Dive Into Facebook Advertising

In this guide, you’ll learn which businesses are the best fit for Facebook ads and how to run successful campaigns. We’ll cover the most common mistake marketers make and the biggest factor in your ad’s success.

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Promoting Your Small Business Facebook Page

Though people want to know the secret recipe for a perfect Facebook page, the truth is there’s no one trick that will lead to instant success.The more important thing is knowing what not to do — what fatal mistakes to watch for and when to re-think your strategy.

10 Actionable Tips From Proven Facebook Marketing Experts

After reading those actionable tips, you’d better put them directly into your To Do list.

How to promote on Twitter 

How To Get Followers On Twitter Free Step by Step

Twitter has over 320 million users which makes it a great source of traffic to your website. But let’s be honest: to make it really effective instrument in your smm strategy you need to put a lot of time and effort to build big following and drive meaningful amounts of traffic to your website. These advices from Matthew Woodward will help you in your twitter strategy.

Essential Twitter Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide

A comprehensive tutorial on working with Twitter will help you to generate leads, deliver effective advertising and measure the return on your Twitter marketing.

81+ Tools To Get More Twitter Followers

A list of free (or a free-trial period) Twitter tools to help you grow your traffic via Twitter marketing.

How to get more followers on twitter

Easy steps and tips to get more twitter followers (but only with a healthy dose of common sense).

Double Your Twitter Traffic In 30 Minutes With TweetAttacks Pro

A case study from Matthew Woodward after using a bot to automate twitter marketing tasks

7 ways marketers can use Twitter Moments

How a business can create and promote its Twitter Moments?

Tips on how to automate leads, press mentions and links from Twitter

A complete guide on how to create benefits for your business and reach journalists in Twittersphere

10 Simple Twitter Tactics That Will Get You More Traffic Today

Just follow these simple tactics and you’ll be surprised how twitter can help you in your infobusiness and blog promotion

How to promote on Pinterest 

To attract traffic to your site there are some must-know actions to use Pinterest’s massive potential for referring customers to your business.

26 tips with examples will help you understand work at Pinterest and promote your product.

Here are a few quick tips that can get you started on using Pinterest for business and take the intimidation out of Pinterest marketing, for almost any business.

The Best Pinterest Marketing Tips which work. Team of Buffer tested different ways to promote brand and performance only working strategies.

Learn how to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

Three ways to build a successful Pinterest presence for your business: increase brand authority, expand reach and drive traffic to your site.

8 Key Ways to Build and Multiply Your Audience on Pinterest.

Learn how to drive traffic from Pinterest to other networks.

Podcast with Natalie Jill, the founder of Natalie Jill Fitness, a site dedicated to health and fitness. She inspires women around the world with her videos and visual content. She’s also got a unique social strategy that helped her grow 1.3 million Facebook fans and 476,000 Instagram fans.

Here are the top 20 tips from content marketing thought leaders on how to use Pinterest to increase online business or awareness. Develop a Pinterest strategy that supports your overall content marketing strategy.

How Engaging Pinterest Content Can Triple Your Website Referral Traffic

For example, company Walgreens. With tons of product offerings across a variety of everyday and targeted needs, the company has found a clever way to use Pinterest to reach its customers, while tripling its website referral traffic.

How to promote on Google+ 

8 important tips to promote your business on Google +

Just like every other social media site, Google+ has its own best practice habits to get your head around if you really want to maximise the benefits for your business. Do you want to know them?

Google+ marketing strategies and tips

This growing list of tips will help you get more exposure and have a positive experience on Google+.These ideas are simple, and they work.

10 Visibility Tips for Google+ (infographic)

Here is an infographic that gives you 10 ways to boost your visibility on Google+ and get the attention you deserve.

10 Must Know Google+ Tips for Better Marketing

The list of Google plus tips and tricks which might be helpful to you, if you want to drive targeted traffic to your site.

6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Google+ Marketing Strategy

With new features on board, you can utilize a mixture of new and old tactics to get the most out of Google+ platform. Here are 6 tips to help you get started.

5 Surprising Reasons To Reconsider Google+

You’ve likely heard that Google+ pages and profiles can greatly help your SEO, and it’s true! Google+ is a powerful search engine marketing tool for companies, influencers, and your own personal branding. Check 5 reasons why Google+ could be interesting for you to try.

How to optimize Google+ for small business

You’ve really got to know the Google+ platform and develop a clear and consistent strategy to do things right. This article will help you.

How to promote on LinkedIn 

At this article you know how add new contacts from Twitter and how to post right.

Here you can examine some more benefits of working with LinkedIn groups as part of your content marketing strategy.

This article tells you 7 tips that will help you better leverage LinkedIn to be a powerful B2B marketing tool.

Learn five different ways to use LinkedIn to market your business.

5 LinkedIn marketing ideas your business can integrate into your comprehensive marketing program.

There are a couple of ways that you can leverage LinkedIn's platform for content distribution without having to pay for it.

Know how engage with audience on LinkedIn right way.

Tips and advices from Alex Rynne, Associate Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn.

She manages Global Content & Social Media Strategy at LinkedIn, runs strategy for the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, and is always on the hunt for the best ideas to help marketers grow their businesses through content marketing.

5 Tried and Tested Lessons on Growing a LinkedIn Group

The 5-minute LinkedIn Growth Hack

8 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business On LinkedIn

How to promote on Instagram  

How to make your Instagram account impressive

Just a few simple steps to start with.

Live Video on Instagram - How to use it

Just about a week ago Instagram has launched this new service - Live Video - and here is the instruction on how this can help your business grow.

5 ways to turn your Instagram into e-commerce Purchasing Powerhouse

A few examples of successful Instagram profiles - how they made it. 

6 ways to convert your Instagram audience into customers

After you got lots of followers, you might need to know how to convert them into your clients.

9 Tools to improve your Instagram Marketing

Not everything should be done manually - here are the tools to help you with Instagram promotion.

Instagram Ads: How to Successfully Sell your Products

How to prepare a successful selling campaign on Instagram.

Confessions of an Instagram Influencer

Here is a personal story about a normal guy who decided to become an Instagram influencer - the experiment and the outcome.

What’s the best way to use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

Shows interesting statistics not only about Instagram, but about Twitter and Facebook as well - where your hashtags will bring more value.

Instagram Interaction Rate has Decreased by 33% since 2015 

Some statistics on the users’ interaction in Instagram - what measure you can take to maintain your interaction rate.

How to Sell on Instagram

5 tips that will guarantee you success.

How to promote on YouTube 

YouTube Hacks and Strategies for Beginners

What to do if you are a newbie on YouTube.

How to make Money On YouTube: 9 Ways Influencers Monetize Their YouTube Channel

9 effective ways to earn money on YouTube - they really worked for those guys!

How to Grow your Email List with YouTube Ads

A great How-To guide that will help you to bring new subscribers.

11 smart ways to promote your YouTube Channel

Some steps to start your YouTube promotion.

30+ Ways to Use YouTube Effectively

Smart and efficient methods - one more useful guide to help to grow your YouTube popularity.

How to Grow a Business Using YouTube

A podcast telling you the main steps about promoting your business in YouTube.

How to Use YouTube Cards to promote your Business

One more podcast which will lead you through effective usage of YouTube to lead subscribers to the purchase.

Top YouTube Influencers

Just for fun - look at the success of those guys.

How to promote on Reddit 

How to get a link on the front page of Reddit

No guide can guarantee success in reddit marketing, but these simple tips should help you get your content to the top, one way or another.

Two Case Studies On Using Reddit To Generate Leads

How can reddit benefit your business and make your content go viral? These 2 case studies about new product launch and new book release can give you an example on how it works.

750 Top subreddits, categorized by industry and submission type

Unnecessary to add smth: this is a great guide on top Subreddits, which will help you become more successful reddit marketer

Cracking Reddit: How To Get Thousands Of Visitors To Your Campaign With Reddit Marketing

Before start working with reddit for marketing, first read this overview of reddit specifics and potential, as well as 10 Steps to reddit marketing success and the results that they bring

The Easiest Guide to Making Reddit Your #1 Traffic Source

How to become a reddit superstar in just a matter of time? Try the proposed methodology and check the results.

The Reddit Guide to Massive Traffic

A guide on how to use reddit as a tool in your SEO toolbox which can help you to drive massive traffic to your site.


Now you know everything (joking – it is not just possible! ))) So, what are you waiting for? It is time to put all knowledges into practice. First of all, choose platform carefully. Not all social media platforms are right for every business. And only you can decide what’s worth your time and where your customers are.

And remember, that you always can ask us for help: for startups, who have no marketing specialist in the team and have no budget to hire the full time employee or marketing agency we are offering special services "Bootstrap Marketing for Startups"

Innovatively yours,

InnMind team

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