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Why We Decided To Launch Innovative Socially Responsible Startup

by Martina Lisicak, from Rural Travel Creator, on Nov 20
Travel Rural is a socially responsible start up which is promoting the authentic atmosphere of rural areas in line with the Sustainable Rural Development and provide to travelers a unique experience in their chosen destination.
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There is a huge number of local travel agencies which are related to one specific field in their rural destination. Travel Rural website gives the opportunity for local travel agencies to promote their rural offer and accommodations in the specialized on line travel agency for rural tourism. Travel Rural is responsive website that promote international rural destinations with focus on ethical travelers as well as on contribution to Sustainable Rural Development by preserving natural, social and cultural resources in promoted rural destinations. Rural tourism is closely related to the traditional and romantic idea of ‘the good old days’ pure and simple lifestyle, experiencing what is perceived as a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, with fresh air, wholesome food and exercise, getting away from a stressful and fast-paced city environment to the peace and tranquility of the bush; enjoying the friendly warmth and hospitality of country people. Beautiful and quality photos, descriptions and attributes are very important for customers. This information gives them extra value for the website and helps them find desired travel products.

As more and more material needs are satisfied for more and more people, consumers require something more, as they seek newer/richer/deeper experiences. Therefore, the goal of Travel Rural website is to provide for the responsible eco-friendly tourists alternative to the stressful urban way of life rhythm and give them an opportunity to experience authentic rural lifestyle as well as relaxation and enjoying in the nature. Travel Rural is online travel startup that has innovative approach which offers the creative solutions to the real problem within travel and tourism industry by targeting a specific underserved segment of online travel. ethical travelers need to get information and new ideas where to travel and to find undiscovered rural destinations.

Rural destinations as well as their rural offers and accommodations are still undeserved for tourism industry purpose and not recognize as a huge tourism potential. It is also not promoted enough to the ethical travelers. It gives the opportunity to the ethical travelers to discover and explore rural destinations which has a unique combination of natural and cultural heritage. How? First, by focusing on diversified offer for tourists who are looking for the unique experience in the countryside. Second, by exploring villages ethical travelers can meet locals and discover their way of living, their tradition and their heritage but the most important fact is that they can by visiting their villages contribute to their sustainable rural development. Travel Rural is gathering this resources and destinations at one place in one web site. 

Since rural tourism has a big differentiation in the offers such as Eco, Adventure, Cultural, Gastronomy and Volunteer tours partners involved in our project are those who can provide that kind of offer. Partners in this project are travel agencies, travel guides and nonprofit organizations from the rural areas who are focused on ethical travelers and on contribution to Sustainable Rural Development.

Travel Rural goal is to build the Seamless Travel Experience with One Portal that has Multiple Travel Services. The portal can deliver services in a one-stop shop format, providing travelers with all the relevant information for their trip, at the right time and in the appropriate context and language. One portal that gathers all relevant travel information for traveling with purpose.

Are you interested in collaboration to spread our goal to contribute to sustainable rural development in under developing country? Do you want to be a part of new trend in tourism industry? If yes please contact me. We are interested in partnerships. Join us in our socially responsible mission. Become with us change maker in traveling industry.

Martina Lisicak, Founder and CEO

Travel Rural 


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