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The Best Places to Promote Your Startup

by Nelli Orlova, from InnMind , on Nov 14
The TOP List of the best startup resources and directories to promote your startup, get early adopters, find co-founders and team members, get in touch with investors and reach other goals of an early stage startup
The top listof startup directories

You’ve got an idea, settled the team, worked like hell days and nights on your product or service.. and what should you do then? How to open the door to the market, get early adopters and spread the word about your startup to the world? You should know that there exist specially dedicated platforms, committed to help startups to make the first steps in this direction and start telling the world about your project. Listing your startup in such platforms (or as we call them directories) will help you reach the first audience, get in touch with test users and ask for a feedback, get exposure among target investors and spread the word about your startup in tens of partnering...

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