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by Martina Lisicak, from Rural Travel Creator, on Oct 31
We believe that visual content marketing and reverse psychology will become a huge trend in traveling industry.

Yes, we all know that visual content marketing really skyrocketed in the recent years. Just a few years ago, you could get away with text-only social media posts and content marketing. But today? You don’t stand a chance unless your content is packed with visuals. Let’s take social media content for starters. A whopping 66% of all social media posts are or includes images. Indeed, images draw attention. Images are the first thing people will notice on your website. For example, in an e-commerce sites, 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product. Indeed, first impressions count when selling online. Images are an essential component when trying to stand out from the crowd and attract customers. Clearly, images drive consumer confidence, but with the rise of what industry analysts are calling “visually-driven commerce,” these are no longer just a nice addition, they’re a requisite for success. 

According to research from Amazon, images improve the overall experience for customers as it is easier for customers to find, evaluate and purchase products. Lead by the fact that visual abilities are 250% faster than any other ability I came up with the question why not rather than explaining what your product or service does or the benefit it has, not be more focus on visual impact? As eyes naturally fall on an image first, why not create a path for travelers to follow the booking process by choosing and clicking on the pictures according to their motivation for travel?  

Now you are probably wondering ok but how can I do that? Simply by using reverse psychology. 

The reason why reverse psychology in marketing works is that it generates curiosity, and it gives people the idea that something mysterious is going on. Reverse marketing is a strategy that allows for example travelers to be in charge of their booking process in one very interactive and creative way. Indeed, it is all about attraction marketing as a strategy that can encourages travelers to create, to choose and finally book their suitable vacation and/or accommodation according to their motivation for travel. 

Companies that trying to sell specific products or service to consumers by simply explaining what their product or service does or the benefit it has it's not enough and it wont work any more. Especially in the traveling industry in a term of short description of the accommodation, pictures mostly related just on accommodation it self, things to do (maybe) and button book now. From my point of view that will be past soon. 

The good news are that we in Rural Travel Creator research it all which I have mentioned above and decide it to start developing innovative software travel solution. Visual content, customized vacations, creative way of booking, motivation for travel...yes we are all into it! Our aim is to change the way how travelers will book their vacation and/or accommodation in a near future by using visual content marketing and reverse psychology. 

Even though Rural Travel Creator is primarly made for rural tourism purposes as well as contribution to the sustainable rural development in the under developing countries, our innovative travel solution can be also used in the wider traveling industry for destination management organizations, travel agencies, hotel industry (innovative booking system and promotion). It can be integrated in web sites, mobile apps with touch-and-create travel solution and even in touch screen dispays for promotional and booking purposes.

.Do you want to be partner with us as a new change maker in a traveling industry? Do You need more info regarding the our innovative travel solution? 

Feal free to contact me for more information!

Martina Lisicak, Founder and CEO 

Rural Travel Creator Startup 


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