14 Business Podcasts for startup

What is the demand and who are the consumers? How can the aspiring startups find investors? You can learn all this by listening to audio podcasts and watching videos on a regular basis. Here is our review of 10 most advanced podcasts for a startup.

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Podcasts are the mainstream. With their help, we know and enter into the swing of things, without opening the book. They can help us learn how to launch your business successfully and complement your knowledge about entrepreneurship. What is better to invest in? What is the demand and who are the consumers? How can the aspiring startups find investors? You can learn all this by listening to audio podcasts and watching videos on a regular basis. You can watch them online or download. Here is our review of 10 most advanced podcasts for a startup.

How to Start a Startup

This is a great podcast that functions the way higher education should. It is saturated with lectures and quotes to help you get the basic knowledge to start. 

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is very famous for his book "The 4-Hour Workweek. Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich», which became a bestseller according to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today. His podcasts are widely applicable and recognizable - that is why you should listen to his informative and useful contributions.

The Foundation

This podcast consists of video interviews, as well as excellent records of lectures given by leading professors. The Foundation is an entire online program for entrepreneurs. 

Beyond the To-Do List

Erik Fisher's podcast has funniest stories from the author. It can also help you correct your strategy  - how to take what you're doing and do it better.

The Entrepreneur Effect

The contributors of this podcast take a look not only at narrow-profile business topics. They also discuss all areas of life, that gives you more information for analysis.

Social Triggers Insider

This is Derek Halpern’s podcast about marketing. He gives good tips, which are widely applied by people, as his recommendations are informative and precise.

The Internet Business Mastery

Tips from Jeremy and Jason will be very useful for beginners. Popular life hacking recommendations and examples will help you learn the world of business in the short term.

The Rise to the Top

David Garland widely uses web tools for business promotion. Practical advice and examples in his podcast will help you to climb to the top of success. It is particularly interesting for media people.

Radical Personal Finance

Joshua Sheats is a specialist in finance and investment. His show, that sometimes takes two hours, contains the interviews and debates on numerous topics. The financial plan, analysis, order of introduction of investment – find all that and even more in this podcast.

Acceleration Through Community

This podcast is definitely set up for Standford’s entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, it should be heard and downloaded to get deep understanding of business issues. Examples of hard work, details of all the financial, technical and physical aspects are widely considered in all of the podcast shows.

We also want to сomplete this article with 4 podcasts channels that you should listen to. These top of channels was taken from Startupily’s blog, a platform that covers everything from startups, and entrepreneurship. Founder of Startupily is Safwan Khan.

These 4 podcasts channels give the listeners a chance to understand from a framework perspective “what it takes to think of, start, build and sustain” a respectable startup. 

Marketing School

With their fast pace 10 min podcast style, Neil and Eric leave no time to waste. Each listener must be prepared to take down notes and listen for the key insight that may pertain to their marketplace.

How I Built This

How I Built This is a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. We encourage you guys to really pay attention to the questions Guy Raz asks and ask yourself the same thus comparing stories and perspectives.


Mixergy is where the ambitious learn from a mix of experienced mentors through interviews and courses. This long-running podcast provides so much value from the first few minutes while the host dives deep into revenues, to the last few minutes where the host does an amazing job going over key points from the interview.

EntreLeadership Podcast

Corporative culture and leadership qualities also are important for financial, staff and overall organizational growth. Now this podcast explains to you how to think, and how to see the world, which provides a secure foundation for one’s tactics.

While most entrepreneurs enjoy happiness, respect, passion, love & appreciation for one’s work; most of their day-day actions point in another direction. See only the great entrepreneurs and brands can explain how much of an impact culture & leadership can have on product design, energy levels, creativity and overall company success.

Yet so many tend to solely target their energy towards the latest and greatest tools and ideas that they feel will improve the company and not the “people” that will internally execute those tools and functions. Entreleadership focuses directly improving these flaws.

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