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Food Innovations - so needed and expected

by Ekaterina Voronova, from Ekaterina Voronova, on Oct 17
Food is an essential part of our lives. Then why are we so irresponsible to it and careless to how we consume or waste it? Food Hack Geneva, organisation that has the goal to increase the awareness about food issues, organised a networking event.
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Last Friday was an important day for everyone involved and interested in improving eating habits and resolving issues connected with food in the world – the organizers of the first Food Hackathon in Switzerland held a networking evening, where speakers from small and big organizations could share their experience, results of their research and just give interesting insights about the problems which Switzerland faces. I decided to join the event to discover the issues that occur to be so crucial and to communicate with those people who investigate and try to resolve them. The interesting fact that I discovered was that Swiss person wastes on average 320 grams of food per day in Switzerland. Just like that, this amount goes...

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