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Study of investors' behaviour and decision-making process

by Administrator, on Oct 11
Startups and investors business direction InnMind is conducting a study of investors' behaviour and decision-making process and invites investors worldwide to participate and share their experience with the community

VC and angel investors across the world are invited to participate in new research aiming to analyze the investors’ approaches when making investment decisions. The goal is to increase the awareness among startups seeking investment about what they should say and how they should present their project.  

The purpose of the study:

Being a global startups and investors direction, InnMind notices the problem of misunderstandings occuring between startup founders and investors on a daily on investors behaviour and decision making process

Very often startups' fundraising efforts fail because they simply don’t understand the investors' approach when they assess startups for investments:

  • what key points should be described in the project pitch,
  • what are the most important criteria for investors,
  • how do investors analyze startup founders,
  • what factors may become the reason for rejection of a startup's profile
  • where do investors find startups for their pipeline
  • ... and many more.

The existing information on this topic consists mostly of experts’ opinions or individual investors’ recommendations, which are helpful, of course, but should be structured and analyzed in a right way.  

In order to a) collect, structure and analyze the first-hand information on investors’ decision-making process when evaluating a startup, b) explore relation between startup's present status and success in fundraising and c) to raise awareness among relevant audience of startup founders who are fundraising or just planning to do it in future, InnMind is conducting a study, interviewing VC, angel and other types of investors worldwide.

Investors are asked to fill in a 10 minute online survey. The survey will take the form of a report with aggregated information and conclusions to be published on InnMind and partnering mass media websites worldwide. All investors who participate in the study will receive a copy of the final report.

investors survey

The survey deadline is January 30th. 

In addition, we want to thank those investors who participate in the survey and offer the following: 

  1. To send a complimentary copy of the final report
  2. To include your company's name and company's profile as a contributor to our report (it is your choice; just mark the apporpriate check box in the survey)
  3. To grant a free ticket to participate in our webinar this fall to discuss the due-diligence specifics, investment opportunities and risks in emerging countries (CIS region).

Please take a few minutes to follow the link below and complete our survey.

Go to survey

Note: Full or partial copy of the publication is allowed only with the direct active link to InnMind platform.

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