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Innovative technologies

Top 7 Inventions in 2016

by Nelli Orlova, from InnMind , on Sep 12
Startups are not always about inventions. But inventions usually become startups. Here is the set of the awesome inventions, cool gadgets and new technologies we've got in 2016. They can change our lives or at least make us a bit more happy ;)
Top 7inventionsin 2016

If you are talking about technological advancement, 2015 had a low profile. There were just a handful of big things but most of the days were technologically dry. However, 2016 has covered it up and introduced some amazing gadgets and devices that you simply cannot miss. Let’s have a look at TOP 7 INVENTIONS of 2016 which deserve a place in your tech cupboard. All these devices could definitely change the way you live and make it more comfortable. 1. Mosketch – a new computer software How about creating 3D animations with just a touch of a pen? Yip, you heard it right. Mosketch allows anyone to transform their 2D drawings to 3D animations that too without any training. This software...

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