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by onpassive review, from ONPASSIVE, on May 7
An IT company that is founded by like-minded leaders across the world on an artificial intelligence platform. The organization is supported strongly and can help you achieve your dreams on passive.

Do you have a business that needs to be automated? Is the COVID situation hurting your operations? It’s high time you introduce ONPASSIVE’s AI platform that will understand the functions of your organization and create an automated process based on machine learning algorithms. The ONPASSIVE review suggests that the algorithms comprehend the business functions and develop processes that could be automatically performed without any manual interventions.

AI technology makes the platform dynamic and intelligent to understand any business operations that can be handled manually. The smart and intelligent system grasps the logical patterns of your finest employees and imitates their operations for your company. With more time and input, the system evolves and will be able to recommend changes and streamline your business functions.


ONPASSIVE is a unicorn AI technology product development company. The company is headed by one of the top visionary entrepreneurs of this century. The company acts as back-end support for the leadership organization GoFounders. The development of the AI product began a few months ago and is in the stage to be launched for the masses. The prototype that has been applied to some of the businesses has shown tremendous results.


What does ONPASSIVE mean to you?

ONPASSIVE has the robust implementation of Artificial Intelligence technology, and the sophisticated technology offers various small and medium businesses to be fully automated without any manual intervention. And for you entrepreneurs, it merely means you can automate your business operations and run efficiently. Also, ONPASSIVE provides the opportunity to create new businesses based on the ideas generated by the system. The enterprises will be fully automated, and there will be no human interaction whatsoever.

Mainly, your business will be a money-making machine where you don’t have to worry about operating the enterprise, sell your products, marketing, and aftersales service. The AI business platform will take care of all the functions for you and generate money for the rest of your life, while you tend to your family or spend your time on exotic beaches.

When will ONPASSIVE launch?

The pilot batch of users’ ONPASSIVE reviews tell us that the system is functioning as per their expectations, and it has undoubtedly exceeded in some of the cases. The users are pretty much excited for the full-fledged launch of the system. Most of them have already recommended the AI platform to their colleagues and friends to build a completely automated business ecosystem that lets all the stakeholders take care of their personal lives and leave the business operations to the AI platform.

The product is in the final stage and will be launched pretty much soon. The good news is that the entire product has completed the development and alpha testing stages. It is presently exclusively launched to a selected few businesses. ONPASSIVE reviews are quite exciting and a breath of fresh air for the organization and all the stakeholders. The product has shown all the right signs and checked all the boxes and has become launch-ready.

Thus, you must expect the AI platform anytime soon, and you will be eligible to implement it in your business and also recommend others to rope into the system. You will then be able to enjoy your life while the AI system will work for you and generate potentially unlimited wealth for you throughout your lifetime.

Some ONPASSIVE reviews suggest it’s another Ponzi scheme

Ponzi schemes follow a pyramid model of creating members who in turn, more members by paying the membership fee. The whole revenue model is through recruiting new affiliates to the business without any products. The entire plan is to generate as much money as possible during a short period.

However, contrast this scheme with the AI platform, which is a strong back for Ash Mufareh’s GoFounders. ONPASSIVE reviews clearly state that the AI product has worked to the advantage of the business owners and has created revenue for them. Therefore, the ONPASSIVE reviews by the public distinctly talk about the AI product that is valuable and generates value for the customers. Therfore, you cannot consider ONPASSIVE to be another Ponzi scheme.

First, there’s a promising product that has shown tremendous results for the businesspersons. Second, you are paying for the product that will automate your enterprise and build revenue and not because of any hollow or fake promises and dreams.

Also, the product is already being used by GoFounders to automate their leadership business, especially for marketing, recruitment and other operations.

I want to know more about Ash Mufareh

Ash Mufareh is a visionary businessman who wants to revolutionize the way of doing businesses using modern technology like AI. His vision has led to the foundation of some of the prominent organizations that have transformed the business methods. With his new enterprises, the whole employee-employer relationship will be changed forever. The concept of paying weekly compensation for a specific work is entirely outdated.

With his new enterprises and their products, each person will be able to creat her/his business without much capital. Entering into the business had never been so hassle-free and easy. The AI technology enables every individual the power of starting her/his business and generate high income for themselves. With the high earnings, they don’t have to spend much time in working for someone else, when you can make a great living for yourself by building businesses.


The transformational AI platform enables traditional enterprises with technology to compete and outperform other giants in the market. ONPASSIVE reviews are the testimonials for how modern and efficient the AI platform is, that can turn any business into a money-generating platform for life. Also, ONPASSIVE reviews have proved how easy it is for individuals to get into a business.

If you still have any doubts about the enterprise or the product, you can always reach out to our customer support team and resolve your queries immediately. In addition, you can go through our website for more information about our AI platform. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now!

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