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GoFounders | Easy Method to Accelerate Business with Power of AI and data

by GoFounders Review, from GoFounders, on May 6
According to a statement by the technology analysis group IDC, spending on AI is predicted to reach US$46 billion by 2020 with no signs of slowing down. AI is undoubtedly on the rise in both business and life in common.
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Businesses today are facing the toughest challenges across the world. Most of the countries are encouraging entrepreneurship and creating a favourable business environment for investors. The advancement in technology has caused a lot of sprains on small and medium enterprises. The SMEs are in heavy competition against the large corporations that have the capacity to eat of the market pie.

Especially the latest and the most promising AI technology is what the large corporations around the world are eyeing for to stay efficient and win the competition. However, AI technology has always been expensive and mostly out of reach for small and medium businesses.

Enter ONPASSIVE, a unicorn AI technology company that is dedicated to providing cutting edge AI technology products to the world. Mainly, it focuses on enabling small and medium enterprises to adopt AI in their operations and stand up against the massive competition offered by large companies.

The companies that already have adopted AI to analyze business data to empower and outrun the competition are successful in gaining market share and cutting costs. However, only 20% of the companies are using AI for their data because the technology is rather elusive and inaccessible to smaller organizations.

The tide of the cut-throat competition is high. Businesses are hardly making their ends meet and are eventually giving up on achieving the goals they set out to attain initially. This trend is bad for the global economy because organizations going bust because of the powerful competition is against the laissez-faire concept. After all, the companies are intentionally rooting out the smaller companies out of the competition.

To empower all the lesser-known organizations to win the battle of business and keep thriving, ONPASSIVE is offering its newly developed and cutting-edge AI platform to automate the operations holistically. In a way, your enterprises are converted into an income-generating machine that will offer consistent yet exponentially growing wealth to the owners like you.

Understanding the value of data

Data is the fuel for technology to operate and deliver efficient results that make your business outstandingly successful. Therefore, whatever data your business keeps or generates as a result of its daily operations must not be looked down upon. We would like to repeat that data is the new oil, at the cost of sound redundant.

However, we can still witness that several small and medium businesses are not taking data seriously. They’re mainly focused on improving their sales and running their operations to generate their regular income. However, in the next two years, the competition will bust you and deny you of your income stream.

Nevertheless, sophisticated AI technology is here to help you survive and thrive. The vast amount of data generated from your daily transactions and other functions need not be deleted. But, it can be used to analyze for reaping business insights to power your enterprise to function better. Not just the internal data, but the AI platform also crawls through the internet and analyzes data of all the competitors and give you an outline for your business to move forward.

Business process transformation

The cornerstone of innovation is AI today. It is composed of machine learning, deep learning, neuro-linguistic programming that will understand the business processes. Once the algorithms comprehend the processes, they will be able to operate as the function would be performed with a human mind. Over a period of automation, the AI system will be able to evolve and better itself. ONPASSIVE offers the bouquet of AI technologies as a platform. The system is used by GoFounders review to create new enterprises and operate them independently.

The autonomously run businesses will generate a consistent and exponentially growing revenue for their life without manual intervention or supervision. GoFounders system takes care of all the business functions such as inception, marketing, sales, operations, customer support, and engagement.

A collaborative AI platform

The AI platform is used by GoFounders, which is a leadership network organization that creates innovative businesses. The leaders of GoFounders use the comprehensive AI platform that is rich with smart business tools. The system will analyze the data from aa business’s CRM and ERP. The data from CRM and ERM is leveraged to find new business opportunities, increase upsells, predict sales revenue, provide effective customer engagement, and rapidly increase their revenue.

With improved efficiency and revenue generation capacity, it allows the business owners to spend the rest of their life innovating and nurturing newer businesses, while not worrying about operating and generating an income stream.

Sales and marketing with data

The AI platform studies the customer data and arrives at significant recommendations which are again implemented by the system automatically to reap more benefits. The historical sales and marketing data are deeply analyzed by the AI algorithms and helps you with an effective marketing strategy along with its associated factors such as the projected results, cost for implementation, and the resources required.

The real-time information acquired is then used by the system to generate a favourable outcome for your business. It simply translates to higher profitability and increased efficiency.

Sales processes need to be streamlined

ONPASSIVE’s AI system that is used by GoFounders organization allows them to streamline their sales processes and completely automate them for marketing, lead generation, and sales conversions. The same system can be implemented for your business, and you can automate your entire sales and marketing processes. You can sit back and relax, while the automated sales process will convert leads into customers and adds money into your bank account.

Improve cash flow

When the AI system allows your business to be run on autopilot mode, your cash flow will be significantly improved. The streamlined business processes will significantly improve more your revenue generation and profitability by reducing resource wastages. The AI-based system will transact with your customers more efficiently and ensure cash flow to your account to be consistently increasing.


With the power of AI and data, you have now seen how your business can be boosted at rocket speed. The improved speed of your enterprise will bring more cash into your business and enable you to expand into different areas and potential markets. Therefore, it is imperative for us to realize that small and medium enterprises will be pushed out by large corporations if we don’t implement AI and make use of the data.

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