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What Is The Futuristic Scope Of Artificial Intelligence In 2020?

by Think Future Technologies, from Think Future Technologies, on Apr 27
In this article, we explain a few use cases of AI technologies that currently either exist in quite limited functionality or limited scope.
How ai will help you accelerate your business growth in 2020


The recent iPhone has made a buzz in the market that has an in-house built processor, A12 based on Artificial Intelligence. It has observed that almost 83% of early adopters of AI have already achieved substantial (30%) and moderate (53%) economic growth.  Needless to say, technology has already shown a great impact on today’s lives. However, it is still in its babyhood, the future is waiting for a new boom. A study by Statista found that the revenue generated from the international AI software market was $10.1 bn in 2018 and is expected to grow to $126 bn by 2025.

Most of the people might consider it as a new technology in the market, but it was known to us since 1965. Since then, it took quite a time to get a significant place in human lives. At this age, people are not only seeing loads of scope in this technology, but the artificial intelligence development companies are also considering it as a powerful technology for their growth as well. 

Well, recent years have seen a great surge in the usage and implementation of this technology but still, it is considered as the early stage of the growth. As per Google analysts, AI may help the robot to mimic human behavior, from simple to complex, by 2020. Let’s see what we would be able to achieve in this year 2020. 

Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses and generating energy by giving a new shape to algorithms and mobile phone capacity. The true potential of AI is yet to be achieved; however, the top artificial development companies are working for something new rigorously and continuously in this field. Let’s see how and what will be affected by AI most:

Rise of Driverless Car

The ride-sharing service is already in the market which is managed by AI technology to find the optimized route for the customers. Now, Tesla’s self-driving car is one of the renowned transformations in the transport niche. You will be introduced with fully automated cars; however, you would see a driver at front only for safety reasons because of complex hardware. It is clear that the technology will not only be driving the car but it will also be driving the entire transportation industry to a new age. 

A Secured World without Password 

Cyber security requires human interaction at some points, such as someone needs to prepare a firewall policy and someone has to make sure that it is going well. But the advancement in the technology can revamp the entire scenario and everything can be managed with smart tools. The firewall based on machine learning and AI will detect any threat automatically by recognizing the pattern.  

As it is more concerned about making the manual efforts easy, it will transform the password manager software performance as well. Now, you don’t need to remember your all passwords. We all know that passwords have more chance to be hacked and the complexity it poses. Now, AI will boost security performance and decrease the chance of being hacked. A smart AI-based system will help you to go without passwords but with a more robust secured system. 

People Will Be Diagnosed and Treated Based On Data Driven-Insight

As per experts, Artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role in the healthcare industry. Now, doctors don’t need to do mundane tasks. Taking care of patients on the basis of data-driven insights is now easy to carry out and the cost care is also becoming easy to handle. Development in AI is dedicated to enhancing the quality of healthcare service and thus lives of millions. 

Moreover, it is assisting in behavioral therapy as well such as treatment of depression, insomnia, substance abuse, eating disorder, and more.  Artificial intelligence and robotics together bring a lot of opportunities in this industry as well.

A Vast Change in Operation and Management in Construction Industry

There is a vast opportunity for AI in the construction industry. It will work like a smart assistant which will analyze large amounts of data. There is a vast change in entire management and operation in the construction industry through information requests, change orders or open issues will not be impacted.

Project managers will be notified automatically with the required as well as critical attention. AI has more applications in the queue including checking spam mails and safety monitoring which will be transforming the industry into a new shape. 

Machines Become More Intelligent With AI

AI is invoking intelligence to machines and computers like the human brain. It is developing the intelligence system that will be able to do complex jobs based on computer-based training and other algorithms. As per a study (by Accenture), the impact of AI technology is bringing more efficiency to the businesses and is increasing labor productivity by up to 40%. But you still need an Artificial Intelligence development company as a partner that will help you to understand and add the elements to adopt the technology to your requirement.

Better Results for Marketers 

Digital marketing can be a lot easier with artificial intelligence emergence. It helps in the analysis and monitoring of customer behavior and also helps in content creation. AI will lead to next-gen marketing tools that will enhance the relevancy of communication in this industry.  Now, the segmentation of target customers is easier and is relevant for better results of marketing campaigns. Marketers will be able to publish more effective, relevant, and unique ad campaigns. Tracking and analysis of customers’ interests are taking a new direction with AI. All in all, Artificial intelligence in marketing is giving new experiences to the marketers as well as the audience which is worth the time and money.

Futuristic Scope of Artificial Intelligence

As per PWC Global, the GDP of various countries globally is expected to increase by $ 15.7 trillion in 2030. This huge data is more than enough to express why everyone needs to understand the core benefits of AI.  Artificial intelligence is reshaping the business world and the day-to-day lives of people. 

Summary of the benefits business is getting:

  • More Informed and accurate decision-making strategy
  • Better results of in-depth analysis 
  • Lead generation of enhanced quality and quantity
  • Strong customer relations

This technology is making revolutionary changes in society and benefits the various industries as well. Also, artificial development companies are working to bring more significant changes in the industry.  

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