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How much does it cost to build a mobile app in 2020?

by Daniel Dan, from YSBM Group, on Mar 24
This ultimate guide will explain how much it will cost to build an app and how to save on developing without losing quality.
42 what is the cost of creating a mobile app in 2020 and how to cut it


After reading this article you will understand what the price of a mobile application depends on and how to calculate it yourself.

The average price of creating a smartphone application ranges between $37,913 and $171,450.  Sometimes it can reach even $500,000 or higher. 

The cost of launching a mobile solution dramatically varies depending on its level of complexity, design elements, operating systems, and even a region.


1. The type and location of an IT service provider


When deciding on the developer for your mobile application, you can choose between hiring a software company and freelancers. Each choice has its pros and cons.

With freelancers, you can get lower prices for services. Nevertheless, there is a high possibility of force majeure and loss of control on your part.

In turn, the IT contractor has a professional, interchangeable team, tailored to your project. In this case, you have a guarantee that the deadlines will be met and the product will meet 100% technical requirements.

The cost of specialist services also varies in different regions. So, you can order development from specialists from Eastern Europe and save almost twice without losing product quality.


2. The features and complexity of the app


An application that has 2-3 simple functions (for example, a list of documents, user contacts, a product description, etc.) will take less time than, say, a project of medium complexity, which includes 4 or more functions.

With a limited budget, it’s better identify only the key functions and begin to implement them.


3. Оperating systems 


The average development cost for iOS or Android varies between $ 37,913 and $ 171,450, the budget for launching a native solution on both platforms will be about 2 times higher, or about $ 75,826 - $ 342,900.
Thus, you need to determine the platform for creating the application or develop a cross-platform application (one product for iOS and Android). This will largely due to the smartphones your target audience is using.

If your main goal is to create a simple digital solution that is not intended for a large number of users (for example, to solve internal business problems), you can consider the option of frameworks such as React Native, Xamarin and Flutter. They allow you to create applications that look almost like their own counterparts.

4. The design


The more screens and handcrafted components you want for your mobile application, the more complex the design is, and ultimately the higher the end price will be.

According to Clutch and GoodFirms, there are such hourly rates of UI/UX designers by countries: 

The USA and Canada $50 - $150/h
Australia $50 - $150/h
Western Europe $50 - $100/h
Eastern Europe $25 - $50/h

A beautiful design is relevant if it is necessary to promote goods or services, as it attracts more users. When you want to produce a working solution for the internal needs of the company, then a simple and intuitive user interface without complex and expensive elements would be enough.


5. The team


Usually, the development team looks as follows:

  • iOS developer
  • Android developer
  • designer
  • quality assurance engineer
  • project manager
  • business analyst

The hourly rates of all these professionals are presented in this table

If the project is not very large-scale, one person can combine the duties of both a business analyst and a project manager.

After analyzing all of the above components, you can easily calculate the cost of developing a mobile application using this formula:

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