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Everything You Need To Know About the Advantages of Android App Development

by Ankit Thacker, from KBA Systems, on Feb 17
Android is an open-source operating system, and this is what makes it open to development and customization. App development plays a significant role in the growth of businesses.
Advantages of android app development kba systems

Android, as we know it, was born back around thirteen years ago. During that time, the user base was limited to the most as people were more comfortable with Java devices. Today, it has a massive global user base, with almost six out of ten people having an Android device. Credits go to the tons of developers whose Android apps have successfully designed the ecosystem.

In a digitally advancing world, it is important for a brand to cope up with the new trends. Having discussed mobile app development in brevity, let us move to the advantages down below in detail.

Why Android App Development in Best choise of Industries

Get Into The Zone Of ‘Spend Less And Get More’

As said earlier, Android is one of the most developer-friendly OS (operating system) in the industry. This fact makes Android the only OS possessing the least barriers for developers to go in. The Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is readily available, and thus developers seem to benefit from it. Developers get it free, and this is what will even make your costs zero from the start.

So, you are paying for three things now –

  • Bearing the development costs of the application,
  • Testing if it’s ready or not for action and,
  • Incurring hardware costs for deploying the app after it passes the basic test

Furthermore, you might also need to change or tweak configurations based on different Android versions. Well yeah, there is one more expense to carry i.e., a one-time registration. It will give you access as a developer for the distribution of your app. Thus, you are benefitting from a low-expense but a high user-engagement system.

Did You Know About Android’s Faster Deployment Cycle?

This advantage of Android catches the attention of developers strongly. To say, business apps for Android have a fast deployment cycle, which lasts for a few hours. It provides a strong edge to the competitive companies who wish to reach the market with their idea faster.

Android’s Open-Source Nature Is Advantageous For Developers

Having an app development company, Android, being an open-source OS, is going to be advantageous to you. It means your company or you as a developer can get the latest technology frameworks from the Android community. Android SDK, being royalty-free, can make you connect directly to the community. You can expect to receive all the upcoming expansions in the app development section of Android. It is one of the biggest reasons why handset and wireless devices manufacturers find working with Android attractive. The fast-paced development of Android smartphones also has the same reasoning behind it.

Connect Customizations With The Ease Of Integration

One of the important reasons for putting hands in the world of Android app development is its ease of integrity. In Android, the scenario for developers is a whole lot easier compared to other mobile app development platforms. Developers do love to bring in brand new customizations to their mobile apps, which are complicated enough. However, they also want to have natural processes for integration of the customizations.

Android is the only platform where you get both of them. The entire platform is ready for customizations and it gives the ease of minute tweaking of apps based on individual business needs. Therefore, you can now have a customized app plus; you stay out of hassles of tough integration.

Say Goodbye to Platform Limitations In Android

This is another advantage of choosing Android app development over other mobile platforms. The use of programming language Java makes it easier to port apps to cross-platform operating systems like Ubuntu or Symbian. Limitations are never a headache for Android app developers, as you do not need to rely on a particular market. You can say goodbye to platform limitations and this is why app development companies love Android.

Learning the essentials of porting an iOS app to Android can bring decent levels of advantages to different businesses. With this, you can also create a separate app store or display your apps on your website. The Google Android Market can also come to great help to you. So, you are the advantageous one in the end by reaching your end-users in any way possible.

Ease Of Adoption Is Also Noteworthy

As discussed before, the scripting of Android apps takes place with the Java programming language. If you are a person who knows Java, getting into Android app development is not going to be tough. Java programmers are finding it easy to take a dive into the Android ecosystem and get into the business at once. Thus, with the ease of coding a script, your app is halfway ready to rock the app stores.

Embrace The Versatility Of The Ecosystem

The advent of Android Studio has made the OS more flexible and has increased adaptability more than ever before. The Android ecosystem is vast today with a plethora of Android smartphones, wearables, Android TVs, and whatnot! Android apps are gradually getting more and more compatible with the upcoming trends like IoT, VR and AR technologies.
Android app development company will find this versatility quite helpful. In the future, more numbers of dynamic apps are going to put a mark into the ecosystem.

Security Is A Priority Well-Managed By Android

In the end, every advantage seems invalid if there is a breach in security. But no, this is not the case in Android these days. From Android Pie, tightened security measures against malware and viruses have been a phenomenal factor. Thus, safety and reliability also count to the advantages of joining Android app development. Both as an end-user and as a developer, the risks are quite nominal compared to olden days.

Getting into the Android app development scenario is not going to cost you but only benefits you. Reading so far, you must have understood everything that you needed to know about it.

End Words:

Android, as a mobile os platform, changed the era of mobile industries. Without focusing on the Android, the mobile manufacturer & App development industries is not complete. We at KBA Systems provides full-stack Mobile app development service around the globe to full fill the need of mobile industries.


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