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Top Legal Research Tools for Lawyers!

by Christe Clarke, on Feb 7
You need effective legal research to practice law. There are many options available in the market that can speed up the legal research process to find valid and accurate records thereby making the process easier and more efficient.
Legal research tools

Legal research is of great importance for legal professionals. Legal research is a primary skill whether one is a practicing attorney, a corporate lawyer or a paralegal. For this, you need a special jurisprudence, a law, or a criminal record. In order to find valid and accurate records, there are many options in the market that can speed up the research process to make it smoother and more efficient. 

We have compiled a list of the most important tools for legal research to facilitate a smooth search for any lawyer: 

LexisNexis: This gives you access to the United States laws and regulations and the considerable number of opinions published in the cases from 1770 to till date. It also provides access to the sentences of 1980 that have been published to the public. 

Casetext: Case text contains millions of cases and statutes shared by members of the legal community. The library comprises 50 federal states and appointment procedures. 

Case Maker: Case Maker is a free research library available to all CBA members. They provide you with the latest laws and corporate codes. These libraries include all federal, district, district, bankruptcy, and other decisions. 

Fastcase: With Fastcase, users can access regulations, federal judgments, and state laws that include bankruptcy cases, immigration complaints, and tax court decisions. Recently, they joined 21 state bar associations to provide their subscribers with a free search service. For non-members, they offer a free mobile application for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. There are annual subscriptions in two levels: Premium $95/month or $995/year and Appellate $65/month and $695/year. 

Questia: Questia is a search tool that provides access to tens of millions of articles from numerous publishers for a small fee. The library has a search engine with a simple advanced search option. A monthly subscription costs $19.95, the cost of a 4-month membership is $49.95, and 12 months is $99.95. 

Google Scholar: This is a completely free way to see the jurisdiction and federal laws, as well as the full text of the state, articles, and patents. This includes more than 50 years of federal jurisdiction and options for 80 years, but there is a lack of outdated jurisprudence. You will find a separate search function for patent information, magazines, and legal journals. 

You do not have to break your bank for high-quality legal research. There are many options, and one must try one of the affordable sites. If you do not want to invest in one of these sites, you can opt for legal research services from a reliable LPO service provider like Cogneesol.

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