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Will Latest Technologies Change Ios App Development Forever?

by Jessica Bennett, from Unified Infotech, on Feb 4
In recent years the latest technologies have been changing many things, including iOS app development. Technologies such as AI/ML, chatbots, IoT have opened up new horizons for iOS app development.
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When it comes to a discussion on smart devices, we can not ignore iOS devices. Ever since its first launch in 2007, iPhones have made our lives better by creating an intuitive, useful and secure user interface. Part of this credit goes to various iOS apps and their developers.

iOS app development has changed a lot in the past years. And as it turns out it is going to change further, thanks to the emergence of various technologies. iOS app developers and development agencies all over the world are applying these technologies in order to gain an edge on each other. So whether you are just a reader or an iOS app developer, you should read on, because we are going to talk about all the emerging technologies and how they are going to change the iOS app development scenario.

How The Latest Technologies Are Enhancing Ios App Development?

Time and technology wait for no one, and it is being proven every day. The emergence of IoT, Blockchain and various different kinds of latest technologies are changing every aspect of life, including iOS app development. How do you ask? Let’s check it out.

  • IoT

IoT or Internet of things has already been in the middle of technology-related news for the last couple of years. The technology that has connected various sensors, devices, and appliances together is truly something amazing, and it has the potential to change how we lead our lives altogether.

Various industries are taking advantage of the benefits of IoT technology and integrating them into iOS app development for their company. Health and fitness, retail and real estate, all kinds of the industry have now embraced IoT in iOS app development. 

The combination of IoT and iOS has changed the way the interconnected network of devices work. There are no gaps between smartphones and connected devices anymore and users can seamlessly control IoT devices from their iOS devices. Needless to say, IoT integration in iOS devices has changed the way users are going to make use of their iOS devices today.

  • AI/ML

If IoT has been popular in the technology news for the past couple of years, then Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been the ultimate hot topic. AI/ML technology has been at the forefront of various technical breakthroughs. 

There are so many ways AI and ML is being used in iOS app development that it is going to be hard to fit all of it at one point, which is why we are going to go with only the most important ones. The first major change that is going to happen to iOS app development thanks to AI is going to be the improvement in coding and testing and an overall improvement in speed of development. Along with that, it is also going to improve the UI/UX of the applications designed. Analyzing the big data architecture, iOS app developers are gathering detailed insight into user behavior and how they operate the applications and then using that insight to create more user-friendly apps. 

It is now quite obvious that the application of AI/ML technology is going to take iOS app development to the next level. 

  • AR

If you still think Augmented reality is for gaming, then you are mistaken. AR has created a good enough reputation among the industries and now it is being used to enhance custom iOS app development projects everywhere. 

iOS app developers all over the world are creating a unique user experience by implementing augmented reality into iOS apps. Apple themselves have now released ARKit 3 that enables developers to render AR elements into the apps easily. 

With the use of AR, various iOS app development companies in the USA and all over the world are creating robust, unique and interactive apps that are not only helping the users but the brands as well. 

  • Blockchain

Blockchain needs no introduction. The growing list of transaction records that works as a self-updating ledger has become immensely popular since Bitcoin became a thing. It is only, later on, we realized that blockchain comes with tons of its own benefits. 

Not only is it secure, but it’s impossible to manipulate, which makes it perfect for keeping important information. Various eCommerce sites and payments apps in the market have embraced the blockchain technology due to its immutable quality. 

The application of blockchain in iOS app development is going to make apps even more secure. It is pretty easy to track cybercriminal activities with blockchain tech integrated into the application. Further on in 2020, we expect to see more blockchain-based iOS apps taking over the app market. 

  • Chatbots

Chatbots have always been a thing, but now they are an important thing. With Natural Language Processing models, they are now more advanced and are capable of having a human-like conversation with the users. 

So it goes without saying that chatbots are going to make customer support a lot better than how it used to be before. Popular eCommerce platforms, cab booking, and food delivery apps have embraced chatbot technology. Whether it is for customer support or a basic FAQ delivery system, the integration of these high-quality chatbots is going to take any iOS app to a new level. 

  • Cloud Technology

No matter how advanced the device is, phone memory is always a problem. And with cloud storage solutions integrated into iOS app development, app developers are easily solving this. 

With cloud computing, the developers make it easy for users to store their data on cloud storage. Whether it is app data backup or photos and videos. This not only saves phone memory but also improves device performance. On the other hand, the integration of cloud computing on iOS applications makes it easy for the users to get their data back in case their device is lost or stolen. 

  • Wearables 

Wearables are a new trend and they have been getting quite popular among the users. These small devices are changing how users are interacting with various applications, which is affecting iOS app development in a positive way. 

Various industries are now developing iOS applications that also provide support for different kinds of wearable devices. The combination of iOS apps and wearables are changing the way we use apps and devices. 


Right now there are around 2.2 million apps in the Apple Store. And you can bet that the best of these apps are making the best of new techs and changing the face of iOS technologies used to develop apps. So if you are thinking about building an app for your business, then ensure that these new technologies are used seamlessly and relevantly in your app. Using these new technologies are going to give you a proper edge against the competitors in the market.

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