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How To Run PPC Campaign For Your E-commerce Store?

by Nityen Prakash, on Jan 18
More and more people are shopping online like never before in fact according to research 1.8 billion people shop online.

With the demand for e-commerce growing every year, retailers must brainstorm fresh ways to reach new customers. Fortunately, Google Ads make it much easier to increase e-commerce product sales.

SEO Company USA uses precise digital marketing tactics that can help your business to sell more products, optimize your ad spend, and improve your Return On Investment (ROI). 

Below, you'll learn a few ways that can increase the performance of your e-commerce PPC campaign. Know where to advertise the problem among many e-commerce marketers is that they realize the importance of online advertising, but they don't know where to advertise. 

Should Have An Account

At a basic level, you should at least be using Google Merchant Center and Amazon advertising to get off the ground. Google is the most used search engine, and you've likely seen shopping ads at the top of the search engine before. Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce marketplace, so advertising your products here is a no-brainer. 

Conduct An Extensive Market Analysis

However, you'll need to conduct an extensive market analysis to fully understand the best platform to use. It can be a mistake to invest too much into Google ads when your customers could already be congregating on Amazon to look for similar products.

Keep Your Target Audience In Mind

Knowing your target audience is an important way of deciding which advertising platform you should use. Keep your shopping feeds up-to-date. If you are using Google Shopping ads, make sure that your ads are up-to-date. There is nothing worse than having a potential customer click on an ad and visit your website when the product they're interested in is already sold out. 

Update Your  Feeds Accordingly

Update your shopping feeds accordingly with your marketing dynamics to improve user experience and your conversion rate. Set up e-commerce tracking. Ideally, you'll want to know how much revenue is being derived from your PPC campaigns. Ecommerce tracking can provide you with insights and visibility on specific items being sold, the profits being made from each sale, and where these sales are taking place. 

Keep Eyes On Insights And Optimize Accordingly

Using these insights, you can make adjustments when necessary and optimize your PPC Campaign to make more revenue. Create quality content having exceptional ad copy and a dynamic landing page is pivotal toward the success of your PPC Campaign. The best PPC ads are flowing with quality content that's designed to inspire.

In order to stay competitive with your ads, at enticing videos, photos, and even user reviews to show the authenticity of your products. 

AI Technology For Marketing in 2020

Use artificial intelligence leveraging AI for your PPC campaign can help you get more for what you're spending. AI can automatically adjust your bids to improve your ROI and quality score. AI can also help you determine which ads are performing poorly so you can eliminate them.

AI can make decisions much faster and more efficiently than a human can. You can rely on AI to make your PPC Campaign profitable with managed effort. Overall, running a perfect PPC Campaign hinges on the marketing agency you choose to work with.

Keep Eyes on our blog for further updates regarding AI Technology For Marketing.

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