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Best Web Development Practices to Follow in 2020

by Jessica Bennett, from Unified Infotech, on Jan 14
In this blog, we're going to talk about web development best practices to follow this year and beyond.
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With over 1.8B website presence, today, there’s nothing new about making a website for your business. Having a digital presence is almost a necessity for industry-specific businesses these days. Also, every day thousands if not hundreds of websites are being built to intensify the competition. In such a scenario, what truly matters is how beautifully you are presenting your website and making it noticeable in the crowd. 

After much speculation and brainstorming, we have prepared a list of best web development practices to follow this year and beyond. 

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

PWAs are the web applications that aim to provide an app-like experience to the users along with having all the modern web capabilities in one place. 

With the PWAs, users will get the feeling of using native apps. PWAs are fast, reliable, secure, seamlessly work cross-browser, and require zero update! Also, a PWA development cost is much lesser than a native app development. 

According to experts, progressive web applications are probably the future of web development. No wonder why businesses are showing great interests to build PWAs today.

You can check the case study of Flipkart here. As per the experts’ analysis, this eCommerce giant enjoyed a 70% increase in the conversion after introducing the PWA. 

Voice Search Optimization

The market research report says that by the end of this year (2020), instead of texts, almost 50% of the search queries will be done with voice search. This report also highlights that 2 out of 5 people agree that they need voice-activated devices in their lives. No wonder why voice Assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. are so trending in the market. 

So, integrating and optimizing the voice search feature to the digital presence of your business is going to be the new norm this year.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

With AMP, web developers can augment the overall performance of website content and advertisements along with enhancing the user experience and loading speed of the website. 

Even though the AMP is a bit restrictive, it has its benefits. For instance, the median load time for the content-loaded with AMP HTML is 0.7 seconds. On the contrary, for the non-AMP pages, the median load time is almost 22 seconds. So, you can see the big difference in the loading time. 

So, AMP is going to stay here and likely to become more common this year. It will help you to drive higher user engagement.

AI-enabled Chatbots and Machine Learning

Offering a world-class user experience is and should be one of the one main objectives of every website today. And this becomes achievable when your business website can provide 24*7 support to visitors and customers.

Yes, you can hire humans to answer the queries of the users’. However, chatbots built using futuristic technologies like AI and ML seem more convenient options for this. These smart chatbots can efficiently offer better customer service. Also, these are cost-efficient for businesses.

Handling multiple customer queries without any break with the right personalized touch is like a cakewalk for these chatbots. Thus, using chatbots businesses can enhance their customer experience. No wonder why most companies providing the best web development services in USA are putting so much effort to work with AI and ML technology. 

Push Notification

In mobile apps, push notification is a common feature. Now, this feature is becoming popular in the web development field too. With this interesting feature, you can notify your users about new messages on the desktop. You can send direct information about new blog posts, sales, etc. to your users. 

Undoubtedly, with it, businesses can enjoy more visits, higher user engagement, and not to mention better sales without investing a huge amount in the native mobile app development. 

Apart from these 5 hot trends, you will see the following web development practices in 2020. 

  • Motion User Interface

  • Single Page Websites

  • Saying goodbye to Flash websites

  • Improved Security

  • Browser extensions becoming more popular

  • AR/VR will be embraced more

  • IoT is going to be in the focus

  • The futuristic Blockchain technology will find a definite place for it, and more.

So, if you are all set to revamp your website with user-engaging design or want to build your business website from scratch this year, get in touch with a renowned web development firm in NYC without delaying further. 

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