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Connecting Social Media Reach and SEO to Gain More Site Traffic

by Pete Campbell, on Dec 31
If you want to drive organic traffic to your site, make sure that you follow these tips to connect social media and SEO. Usage of long-tail keywords can increase your social media reach.
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One of the best ways to make the best use of social media traffic and drive them to your website is by using long-tail keywords. This will increase your social media reach. This will make sure that social media boosts the website search engine ranks.

However, for that, you will need to focus on search engine optimization or SEO, which is also of immense value in this regard. Sadly, many marketers do not realize this and therefore, cannot drive the social traffic to their websites.

To make the best use of social media platforms and followers, you will, therefore, need to spend considerable time, effort, and resources to SEO to generate a lot of exposure. This, you can ideally do by choosing the right long-tail keywords. This will help you to optimize your social profiles accordingly.

  • The value of long-tail keywords will ensure that you achieve our conversion goals.
  • It will also enhance the value of the organic search traffic to your social media assets.
  • It will surely enhance your domain authority.

Most importantly, it will meet with the requirements of Google that gives much emphasis on domain relevancy as it provides to domain authority.

Optimizing social media for SEO

If you want to gain more social followers such as your Instagram followers and drive them towards our website, you will need to obtain the maximum benefits of SEO from your social media marketing. You will need to optimize your presence on the social media landscape for maximum visibility.

You can do this in a few specific steps followed, such as:

  • Optimizing your social media profiles, primarily if you use multiple social media sites. This will ensure that you create consistent brand recognition and image across all the social network channels. Just make sure that your bio is relevant to your business.
  • You can also include a relevant link that will take the social followers to your website. This link can be to your website or your email newsletter signup page.
  • Make sure that you post updates regularly so that your social media account is most active, though this schedule may vary according to the network.
  • Also, improve your social updates so that you increase its shareability.

Last but not least, you must engage more and amplify because SEO and social media is certainly not a set it and forget it process.

The Importance of keyword research

There is immense importance for keyword research in social media. This is because it will not only improve the visibility of your site on a specific platform and its internal search engine, but it will also help you to be in tune with the current trends followed by the marketers in your particular niche.

  • This will enable you to find out what works best for your target audience.
  • This will also, in turn, enable you to identify the gaps in your content.
  • It will also guide you to content distribution and your PPC efforts.

Therefore, make sure that you weave the right and most popular keywords in your social media pages, but make sure that you don't force or stuff in the keywords. Also, add keywords in photo captions and while sharing content. It is only a keyword-optimized content that will ensure higher SEO, better social media presence, and uncountable traffic to the website.

Up your social media game

Search engine optimization is all about being visible on the internet. If you are visible, you will get more organic traffic. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is all about making the most out of the different social media networks and their followers.

However, there is one thing common for both: it is all about being found by the people; in fact, the right people. That means both have overlapping goals in essence, no matter how different they may look individually.

Both these works together, which is why the search engines are becoming increasingly social, and the social media networks, on the other hand, are turning into more valuable search engines.

The reasons you should focus more on social media are:

  • The social media content gets indexed if it is of the right type
  • Social media will help you a lot in building authority and most importantly
  • It involves real people.

In short, it is the perfect thing to focus on because it is people that you want to visit your site and make a purchase in the end.

Treat social media like a search engine

If you want to increase the discoverability of your site by using social media for that matter, you must treat it just like a search engine. This is because your social posts do have some value as backlinks though these links you shared on social media will not add directly to the search rankings of your website.

The fact that the social media platforms rank search results on the basis of keyword, strength makes it essential to consider if you want your social presence to influence your site traffic count. That means you will need to optimize your profile for the best and most result-driven keyword searches.

Utilize LSI

Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI is another element that will connect SEO to your site to increase the traffic. Since SEO is risky, you will need to make it into a foolproof strategy so that Google agrees to what you do.

The best way is to use LSI keywords. This will minimize your chances of being penalized for keywords stuffing or manipulating the search engines via long-tail keywords.

LSI is actually identifying patterns, and it is this pattern that Google uses to determine the value of keywords in your web page content.

  • When Google crawls it, the significant keywords and phrases are collated and pinpointed.
  • Then, the LSI looks for the synonyms or words that are closely related and relevant to the title.

Therefore, if you want to drive organic traffic to your site, make sure that you follow these tips to connect social media and SEO.


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