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Need and Scope of Voice Technology in Magento Store

by Akashdeep Sharma, from The Brihaspati Infotech - Ecommerce Web Development Company, on Dec 26
Undoubtedly, the digital industry is dynamic and tends to shift in terms of its usage and offerings to the end-users. Initially, it transformed the physical storefronts into websites, followed by mobile apps.
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People, indeed, are enjoying this disruption of voice-enabled devices in their day to day life. One fine example is Alexa. It can recognize, translate, and respond to the voice of its users. Additively, Siri in Apple devices is a basic example of voice technology involved with the consumers. It can tell us about the weather, bring the contacts saved in our iPhone, and also fetch YouTube results for us.

While such prowess is still in its infancy, voice shopping has already a well-grown user base, with an anticipated consumer spending growth of USD 40 Billion in the USA alone by the year 2022.

Voice Technology and Magento Retail

Talking about voice technology involvement in retail, many brands such as Walmart have already joined hands with Google to offer intuitive and convenient shopping experiences to the end-users. Similarly, many others are constantly indulging in assorted offerings of this technology.

If you are a Magento user and wish to leverage voice technology in your favor, you can easily look for custom services from the custom Magento development agency that can build you voice-enabled solutions. Apparently, Magento is a robust and ascendable eCommerce platform that can be exploited to develop any sort of web store.

What is the need and scope of voice technology in Magento?

Below are some compelling reasons to take into considerations while choosing voice technology in the Magento platform. Let’s have a look at those.

→ it provides a frictionless UX.

→ voice commerce is said to be 3 times more prolific than other mobility solutions (screen-based).

→ it allows you to offer on-demand service to customers with a mere voice command.

→ the voice technology prowess offers enhanced intelligence and consumer insights.

→ personalization on a retail store becomes easy with voice technology.

All things considered, voice technology is no less than a solid reason to revamp your Magento store. Now, let us have a look at different ways in which you can make this technology work for your business.

To begin with, customer service is the biggest aspect where voice technology plays a pivotal role, simply by cutting down the time and efforts involved at the user’s end. Given that no business can endure without addressing consumers’ needs and rendering them with appropriate solutions. Therefore, voice prowess becomes an imperative approach for retailers in this field.

Adding to this, SERPs remain the major context for every online business where almost everyone is fighting amongst each other for grabbing higher ranks. One major reason behind this is the organic web traffic that assures sales and revenues. Picking out the voice technology in regards to your Magento powered website will allow you to succeed in SEO efforts, skillfully. 

Because when users choose smart speakers to respond to their queries, it returns them with an option to click and go through the source of the response as well (website or page from where the answer is being pulled). Ultimately, it is encouraging more web traffic for your business.

However, one needs to regenerate the traditional SEO strategies to rank the website higher for voice searches, as it differs in query structures.

Hence, there are multiple opportunities lying ahead of voice-powered commerce. So, try to act now without any delay. Have a happy selling!

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