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7 Amazon Product Photography Strategy To Boost Sells On Amazon

by Kamaljit Singh, from AMZ One Step Ltd., on Nov 26
In Any Business, the more expressive your product is the most it will attract buyers. On any E-commerce website as a customer, we will pick the product that has well explanatory and high-quality images.

E-commerce sellers can’t give us the product to test and then decide whether to buy it or not. They only have images that work as a major aspect of any product.

Let’s suppose a seller had used Amazon Keyword tools and Amazon PPC campaign to rank higher above all but lacking in product photography strategies then he is not going to get any orders. Though keywords and PPC campaigns play a very important in getting sells still they won’t get any order just because they don’t have expressive and attractive images of the product.

Here, as the title indicates I have listed 7 Best Amazon Product Photography Strategy to boost sales of your product. 


We are in a phase where the internet is the most popular thing around us. Every minute we humans hit around 2 million queries. Thus, the maximum things we see on the internet are visuals and through visuals, we make our decisions. That’s why it is important to create a good visual of your product through the below mentioned:

 Amazon Product Photography Strategies 


Maintain Consistent Shooting Plan

While taking photographs of multiple products make sure you are following a particular tradition. You can’t randomly click pictures and upload them in your products catalog, it will look over odd. Customers will doubt your product because of your uneven images. 

Pick Correct Lighting Equipment 

Showing each and every corner of your product is very important. This will allow you to capture your customer’s faith. Showing your product properly where each and every aspect of it is clearly visible will build a good relationship between you and your customer. In order to attract your customers, you must pick professional lighting equipment rather than shooting your products under any random light source. 


Cover All The Angles Of Your Product

Another very important element of amazon product photography, because it will help your customer to understand your product well. This will influence your customer’s decision making and will force him to pick your products among others.

Importance Of White Background

Maximum e-commerce sellers prefer a white background while shooting their product. A white background forces your customer to focus on the product directly. It reduces all sorts of distractions from the image. If you are not using a white background for your products, then you must buy on right now.

Do Not Add Unwanted Objects

Sometimes, we add some small cartoon figures of some other objects to complement our product. But this is the biggest blunder that you can do as a seller. Adding any other object can distract your customer and you might lose him because he didn’t saw your product carefully as he was busy staring at the object placed beside.

Take Care Of Product Size

In photography, you need to be very intelligent in terms of capturing the picture. Inappropriate photography of the product can make it look smaller than the actual size or it may look big in the photograph. This can affect your customers and every seller must take care of it. 

Hire A Professional

If you aren’t an expert in capturing products and you aren’t confident enough about your photography skills, which is normal because everyone is not a product photography expert. You can hire professionals such as AMZ One Step. They will take care of everything, you just need to send the product to their studio and they will send it back with its photographs. 


Selling a product is a tough job, especially when it comes to selling it online. You need to be perfect in every aspect so that you can leave a positive impact on your customers. These 7 photography strategies will help you to master the Amazon Product Photography field.

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