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Define Cloud Commerce and Its Significance in a Corporate World

by Ethan Millar, from Aegis SoftTech, on Nov 26
All about Cloud Commerce and its benefits and impact on all the business and on Corporate World.
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Modern customers expect 24X7 accesses to digital channels and an exceptional user experience throughout the touch points. While Magento Website Development Services providing companies making every effort to meet the demand of the marketplace, it is still needed to understand that for best user experience, the ability to add new features and scale capacity is required the most. IT is complex and requires huge investment for maintenance purposes and this is why digital businesses fail to be as efficient and flexible as they need to be.

But wait, this issue can be addressed with a cloud commerce solution that provides such flexibility while reducing complexity simultaneously. It allows businesses to leverage latest digital channels with an ease and facilitate digital transformation of customers, market, and competitors.

How Cloud Commerce Impact on the Business Process?

When a company uses cloud commerce, it is able to cut down the time of lengthy process of acquiring and implementing an ecommerce solution on premises. They even save money and time since there is no such requirement of maintaining and updating in-house. Cloud commerce solutions are user friendly and don’t need effort to function. This enhances focusing power and improves core operations of the business.

Cloud commerce also frees up capital by replacing conventional software licensing models with extra flexible mobile payment alternatives.

Significance of Cloud Computing In Ecommerce

Cloud computing allows ecommerce app to cope up with evolving demand and scenarios of the market. It enables to downscale or upscale the services as per the traffic, demand, and seasonal growth. Cloud offers the scalable architecture for business needs. This is happening that businesses take a leap and grow and to measure the growth, business needs some tool or system. Take an instance of Magento with Power8 that is truly intended for ecommerce platforms to deliver excellent scalability and performance. Its architecture and memory usage assists customers in handling and managing extra workloads and meeting the changing demand during peak season.

Speed is the next key factor that determines the ecommerce success. In a study, it is revealed that 40% of the customers leave a web page if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. At times slow server is a result of spike in traffic and makes it unresponsive. Cloud computing helps resolve the issue by offering greater bandwidth, storage, and computational power.

Cloud computing offers flexibility and allow all over functioning. Users can get advantage of working from anywhere across the world, using internet connection. While using cloud services offering mobile apps, users can use limitless devices.

You don’t need to worry about loss of sensitive data since cloud computing comes with great security feature. Since the data gets stored within the system, one can access it even if something happens to the computer. The data can be even wiped out remotely from the lost machine by the user to avoid any mishandling.

If you run a business that has two employees or more, then collaboration should be your utmost priority. Cloud computing makes the collaboration part easy for your business. Team members can access and share information without hassle and securely throughout the platform. Few cloud-based services are there offering collaborative social spaces option through which you can connect employees throughout your company or business and thus, you make engagement better.

Cloud commerce system has stored documents in single place and in a single format. While everyone accessing the same data, the consistency in data can be maintained. With this, human error can be avoided.

When a business has good control over its growth, achieving success becomes easy part. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen every time and the reason may be poor management. Instead of making losses due to disasters harming your business, there is something that you can do to speed up recovery. With cloud based services, feature like speedy data recovery can be availed and pursued.

If you don’t want to invest in a cloud-computing solution, your all valuable data which resides inside office computer will remain there. You may not find it like an issue, but if your local hardware breaks down, you may lose your data permanently. So, take it as a serious issue if you are not on the cloud because you are risking your valuable data which is saved by you locally.

Cloud commerce also offers speed of deployment advantage. You don’t need to plan, procure, and install your personal ecommerce infrastructure. You can deploy cloud commerce solutions quicker and save time to market. The modern cloud commerce solutions developed by Magento Website Development Services providing companies allow SMEs to leverage same functionality just like major corporations. Moreover, such solution provides support for digital transformation and investment security.

You can any time get in touch with the Magento team and avail the best cloud commerce solution for your business.

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