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Shopify Plus for Enterprise eCommerce Growth!

by Anuj Sharma, from The Brihaspati Infotech, on Nov 26
Today, there are almost 5300+ businesses active on Shopify Plus, with year-over-year growth of 126 percent for the merchants. Undoubtedly, there must be something appreciable about the platform.

When we talk about enterprise eCommerce, it always requires a web platform that is competent enough to handle a myriad of tasks involving order management, product rendering, and so forth. And, the complexity of such tasks shows burgeoning effects when one has to deal with large order volumes while managing multiple languages and currencies.

Not every retailer can set up the best website that can handle all the hurdles of an enterprise eCommerce. If you are one of those who are struggling with all these tasks on the current platform, it is time to shift to a leading platform that is solely designed to cater to enterprise eCommerce needs, i.e., Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus is a strapping enterprise eCommerce platform. It comes with a bunch of advantages to offer seamless operational activities for high-growth enterprises. This platform is an initiative taken by Shopify and is aimed at high-volume online retailers. Any enterprise-grade businesses can be cost-effective, reliable, flexible, and profitable. Simply hire Shopify experts from India and enjoy its benefits for scaling up your existing or new business idea.

Custom Automation

Shopify Plus allows you to perform custom automation in your enterprise eCommerce site with Apps such as,

Shopify Flow: an automation app by this eCommerce platform that helps you automate common tasks like flagging & terminating high-risk orders, reordering product requests, whenever inventory is low, tagging high-value consumers, and more.

Shopify Launchpad: It is targeted at merchants that are involved in scheduling, coordinating flash sales, or executing any sort of product launch. Keep a track of its success via analytic & real-time dashboard. Allows doing bulk changes to store, price changing, enabling captcha, and gathering data about the success of a particular event or sale.

Shopify Scripts: Customization Shopify app (build over Ruby) allows you to develop personalized user experiences in your store. You can enhance the checkout process while creating custom logics for payment, shipping, and even item too.

Well, it was about the custom Shopify apps that you would help you to localize your website according to the target niche.

AR and VR Prowess

The advent of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) has paved the way for an immense competition amongst the retailers to provide the consumers with the immersive shopping experiences. The consumers like such experiences to a great extent and Shopify Plus has got you cover on this as well.

Soon, you would be able to design and implement 3D content, VR, and AR apps for your Shopify powered enterprise eCommerce stores. With this, one would be capable enough to create real-time 3D modeling services to boost customer engagement levels. Moreover, the developers will be able to exploit powerful APIs that can download 3D product details and models at runtime, directly into AR and VR user experiences.

A Simplified Multi-channel Selling

A multi-channel approach is mandatory in today’s competitive world. No success can be achieved while stagnating with the sole medium of selling to the consumers. Today’s technology has allowed the audience to enjoy multiple platforms to perform different activities.

With Shopify Plus unified web platform, an enterprise eCommerce can explore multiple selling channels, which in turn boosts the sales. Additively, Shopify admin allows managing orders, products, and users across different platforms powerfully. To name a few, one can enjoy the prowess of sales channels such as Instagram, eBay, Apple business chat, Amazon channel, Google shopping, and many more with Shopify.


And, I think that Shopify Plus is indeed the best option when the retailers look for an affordable, easy-to-use, and customer-friendly enterprise eCommerce platform.

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