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Do you know about the state of Inbound Marketing in 2015?

by Administrator, on Aug 14
We have prepared this overview based on the report "State of Inbound 2015" - read and learn the main figures.
Soi2015.pdf   google chrome 2016 08 15 01.06.14

Ekaterina Voronova from InnMind has taken a close look at the Marketing aspect in the "State of Inbound 2015" report by Hubspot and prepared an overview of the most interesting trends. The link to the full report can be found in the end of the article (shared with the editor's permission).  Every year marketing specialists are asked numerous questions about their activities and major challenges. In 2015 the biggest challenge remained the same as in 2014 (though its importance is fading): to prove the ROI of marketing activities. When we take a look at the following graphs, we can notice that in order to get more budget for marketing goals, you need to increase ROI in comparison to the previous year and demonstrate it. "Demonstrating positive...

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