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Principles of iOS App Development You Need to Know

by Randip Dhiman, from The Brihaspati Infotech, on Oct 11
Native app development can be a complex process, whether for Android or iOS platforms. That is why it is important to look for a developer who has hands-on experience in mobile app development.

Native app development can be a complex process, whether for Android or iOS platforms. That is why it is important to look for a developer who has hands-on experience in mobile app development. Before one learns how to hire a dedicated iOS developer, it is a good move to know a lay of the land. In this article, I will be discussing the principles of iOS development and parameters on which you can hire a dedicated iOS programmer.



This pattern is divided into three functions – User interface(views), data(model), and software that communicates between the two(controller). Objects are the building blocks of an app. These objects are allotted to one of the functions of MVC. This MVC pattern is known to be the best way to build an iOS app

Choosing the right developer

An expert developer would be a crucial advisor and can help throughout the development process by guiding in choosing the right wireframe, storyboard, design of user interface, prototype, finally coding of the app.

User Interface

An app development starts with designing a user interface. Once a wireframe is created, user interfaces are built with the help of storyboards and interface builders.

Design Patterns

These are like the scaffoldings for your app’s building blocks. These patterns allow developers to write more extensible, robust, and easy to edit code.

Front and Back-end development

Foundation and Core Data Framework are used to design a model of the app. With the help of Frameworks and Programming languages, the controller layer is constructed.


In this, the developer clears all the bugs and fixes all the errors from the app. Unit tests and integration tests are written to test the apps.
An App is never ‘Done’ even after the launch. There will be upgrades and maintenance, even without the occurrence of errors. you will need a developer for maintenance of your app even after the app is developed and launched in the app store.

Hiring an iOS developer

Most of the developers are stack developers that are they can handle both the front and back end development of mobile apps. Knowing about the previous projects they have worked on, what technologies they have experience can let you have a gauge on their expertise.

Characteristics of an expert iOS developer:

Development Environment and Frameworks

Xcode-Apple’s software development kit
Cocoa frameworks Like Cocoa (OS X) and Cocoa Touch (iOS) are Apple’s frameworks written in Objective C language. These frameworks contain libraries of code and method of your app. Apple’s UIKit framework is a high-level framework. It comes in use for creating user interfaces. Core Graphics is a low-level framework used for creating graphic elements.

Understanding of Software architecture design

Knowing what technology to use for front and back end developments of an app can help your app to grow its scalability.

Mock-ups of UX and UI designs

Development of design and architecture phase requires a good knowledge of UX and UI designs. Knowledge of these designs helps in building prototypes and development from mock-ups.
The design patterns dictate how an app will behave and understanding of, how and where to use these designs is crucial for developing a smooth and efficient iOS app.

Programming languages

Intially, Objective C, was the only programming language used for iOS apps. With the release of Swift, iOS app development is revolutionized. Understanding of Objective C, Swift, and principles of object-oriented programming can help a developer very much in building iOS apps.
Other programming skills a developer must have an understanding of third-party platforms which help developers to code an app using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These come in use while working with Xamarin, Phone Gap, and Appcelerator Titanium.

A developer must have hand-on experience on these technologies with experience in approval and deployment of apps in the iOS app store.

With this, I wrap up the discussion on the principle of iOS app development you need to know. Now, that you know what goes into iOS app development and what to look for an expert iOS developer. You can easily hire a dedicated ios developer for your project.


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