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Advantages of website CMS platform with a coding option

by James Miller, from PageWyze, on Oct 5
CMS platform makes it easy for everyone to design a website with the help of drag and drop solutions, but a coding option integrates with the CMS platform gives a huge advantage to build a website more flexible and versatile.
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Many of the website builders software available today have the option to drag-and-drop elements and create a website. This can be used by anyone easily, without learning to code. 

While this is a good thing, a drag-and-drop website method of website building has its drawbacks and limitations. Each of these builder CMSs has their own set of templates and elements that can be used to make a site, but these are limited, and cannot make your website look unique, because some other website(s) online that are built using the same software might look very similar to yours.

This isn’t a problem if you’re only looking to build a casual website, like a personal blog or a site that’s not primarily intended for serious business.

To create a website that needs high quality, customizable content, and design, like a business or company website (that needs to have a unique look and content, specific to its products or services), some coding needs to be done by the user or website maker. 

A website builder that provides coding option, enables you to customize the site to your taste, requirements or preferences and lets you create a unique design. Such a design will not look too similar to any existing website, and your website will surely be unique. 

Some drag-and-drop builders also restrict or limit search engine optimization (SEO) and Web Analytics, which are highly important for the performance of a professional website. The automation processes set up to enable the dragging and dropping etc in this censor Google Analytics, and similar tools, which as a result cannot be integrated with them.

The site that you create using such software hence will need to be constantly monitored and updated with these features later, which is complicated. For these reasons, a drag-and-drop builder can be considered a very limited tool.

A website builder with a coding option, of course, overcomes this too. In fact, if you create your website entirely using the coding option, it might function somewhat better than the one in which the drag-and-drop method is used. 

There are some website builders that only provide a coding option, and while the user may need to be familiar with some coding for this, it is always a better option for your website in the long run, especially if it’s for business.

One such online website builder software is PageWyze, which allows you to create and manage multiple websites, by coding using simple HTML and CSS.      

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