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UI / UX Design Process In App Development

by Melissa Crooks, on Oct 4
Before discussing the process in which the UI Design team of a mobile app development company is involved in app development.

Before discussing the process in which the UI Design team of a mobile app development company is involved in Software development and iOS development, it is important to understand what "UX" is and its distinction with "UI", since once in a while they can be identified with a degree to imagine that they are the equivalent, however in all actuality they are definitely not. Each one has its valuable function in the ecosystem to reach the goal of creating a quality product.


UX is translated by its acronym "User Experience"

Currently, in the world of IT, top app development companies are taking more into account the importance of the user of your product and how it interacts emotionally with that product, this is what is known as UX.
UX is not a process, it is not a methodology, it is the final result, what the user of a product feels and perceives.

UX Is Not Graphic Design

It is common to relate to UX with the Graphic Designer since you frequently see "UI / UX Designer" associating the Graphic Designer when he sees the words "Designer" and "UI", in spite of the fact that the last mentioned in the event that it is identified with graphic design and visual components, UX is a long way from being just graphic design.

Unlike UI (User Interface), UX is the result of a whole, in which UI, usability, functionality, intuitive, etc., contribute and are part of an experience that the user of a Software Development product will have.

Intuitive + Usable + UI + Functional = UX

UX design is to think about the user throughout the product development process.

The bad user experience is always present!

In apps created by a mobile app development company, you can have as a result both good and bad user experience.

you must bear in mind that by default the absence of UX design in your product results in bad user experience, it is in hands of a mobile app development company to guide your product along the path of a positive and satisfactory experience for your users.


UI is translated by its acronym "User Interface".

The user interface (UI) is the means to allow the user to interact with the product, in the case of mobile apps the interface is manifested in a totally graphic manner.

In the UI design, the graphic designer/front-end participates mainly, through tools and analysis practices, the graphics interface of the product.

Frequently the role of designer UI is also responsible for exercising the role of designer UX, but it must be clear that the role of UX is focused on research, usability testing, and information architecture design, while the UI designer It is worth all the information collected and analyzed by the UX designer to translate it graphically in the look and feel and front-end of the product.

What is the objective of the app?

When designing an iOS app, it is important to take as a premise the fulfillment of the objectives of the company and the satisfaction of the user at the same time, so as to achieve a good result in the product.


Having in mind the concepts of UI and UX, let's see the stages in which the UI / UX Design team of a mobile app development company is involved in the process of developing a digital product.

1- Analysis

The analysis stage is the most important of the whole process, since this is the definition phase of the product, at this stage, the information architects analyze with the client the ideas, objectives, scope, and focus of the product. they create UX design and software specification documents using interviews with the user, Card Sorting, Creation of People, etc.

The analysis will be very clear and specified to avoid rework, inconsistencies or information not defined at the time of working in the rest of the stages.

2- Wireframing

It is common that UX is related to the Graphic Designer since you frequently see "UI / UX" or "UI / UX Designer", although it is related to graphic design and visual elements, UI / UX is far from being simply graphic design.

In this stage, everything previously gathered in the analysis begins to see visually shaped, the designer UI intervenes in this process making use of mockups, wireframes, and wireflows, these being the fundamental devices for the visual meaning of the item.

3- Prototyping

The prototyping is the combination of wireflows + graphic design, this is where the product is materialized, the main function of prototyping is to give wireflows interaction so that the user can navigate in the prototype as if it were the final product, in this stage is still not working on code by the developers, everything is based on images in medium or high fidelity, unlike the wireframe that is low fidelity, in this stage you work completely in the look and feel of the product showing visually the product as the user will see it.

4- Layout

In the layout stage, the UI design team is in charge of translating the prototype into fully functional code in the front-end so that the mobile app development company team can later integrate it into the back-end.

5- Development

Subsequently or in parallel to the layout work by the UI design team, the iOS developers' team can manipulate the front-end code to continue with the development work.

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