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The Ultimate Guide on UX and UI Design - A Comparative Study

by Jessica Bennett, from Unified Infotech, on Oct 1
In this blog post, we are going to talk about UX and UI design, how they are different from each other, which one is more important from the perspective of business conversion, etc.

No matter how skilled designer you are, unless your design is converting visitors into potential customers, your design has no business value at all. So, web designs with a better conversion rate have the highest priority among diverse businesses. 

Now, UI design and UX design - these two are two of the most discussed terms in the field of web design. Often, these two terms are conflated and confused in web and application design.

Source: freeCodeCamp

UI Design - what is it?

User Interface (UI) is the graphical layout or the representation of web and application design. How a web application is going to look like - that’s the main concern of UI design. It includes all the design elements with which users interact. Screen layout, interface animations, micro-interactions, buttons users click on, text entry fields, images, texts -everything is part of UI design.

In the UI design, The designers are mostly concerned with aesthetics. How to use every visual element, whether the interface is visually stimulating or not, applying the appropriate theme, making sure all the elements are fulfilling the purpose, etc. are taken care of by the UI designers.

Required skills and responsibilities for great UI design

The role of UI designers requires collaboration with other team members, such as UX designers and developers. Adaptation to any device screen sizes, animation, interactivity, and Implementation with UI prototyping - everything is done in the UI design phase. 

UX Design - what is that?

User Experience (UX) design revolves around any and all interactions between an active or potential customer and a company. It is the process of contributing to a product that provides an effective user experience. It includes different disciplines including usability, interaction design, visual design, and more.

Now, you can see both UI design and UX design are concerned with the web application’s user interface! This is why people easily get confused with these two terms. So, how these two differ from each other?

UI designers have to take care of how the user interface will look. On the other hand, the UX designers have to take responsibility for how the user interface will operate. Mainly, UX is responsible for determining how difficult or easy it is to interact with all the UI elements. 

Required skills and responsibilities for impressive UX design

A UX designer is responsible for more than just preparing and preplanning the tech stack behind the product. UX designers determine how users interact offline and online, including analytics and customer service. So, the responsibilities include

  • Competitor analysis, customer analysis, product strategy or structure
  • Analytics and execution
  • Prototyping and wireframing

UI/UX - which one is a better choice for your business? 

See, if something is not easy to use but looks good, that is the example of poor User Experience (UX) and impressive User Interface (UI). Similarly, if you find something that is exceptionally easy to use but looks horrible, it is an example of impressive UX but poor UI. Now, do you think you can get business success with any one of these two? No, right? This is why both UI and UX design is important for intriguing web design. Any web design company in NYC would agree to this point! 

How UI design and UX design work together

If you have reached this far, we can safely assume that you have got a basic idea on UI and UX. While one decides the look of the interface, the other determines how the interface will work. Now, it is a collaborative approach. Even though different skill sets are required for successfully implementing UI and UX design, you cannot ignore the fact that they are integral to each other’s success. 

Most of the web design companies in New York pay the utmost attention to both UI and UX design for business-driven web development. If you too are in need of intriguing web design services for your business, get in touch with a trusted web design company and make sure the team is expert enough to take care of both UI and UX designs

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