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How AI/ML Are Transforming Mobile App Development Industry?

by Jessica Bennett, from Unified Infotech, on Sep 30
The use of AI/ML technologies has undoubtedly brought a revolution in the field of mobile app development. Here, we are going to discuss how businesses can utilize AI and ML to its full potential.


More or less every business has the same objective - attracting new customers and retaining the older ones. And with an intriguing mobile app, it becomes easier for businesses to reach a broader audience. This is why industry-specific businesses look for opportunities to invest in the latest technologies and make them a part of their mobile app development.

Adapting to user behavior

The more businesses can adapt to the user behavior pattern the better seamless app experience they can offer to their customers. And AI and machine learning help you in doing so. We are already witnessing how virtual assistants are being implemented in various mobile apps and the digital presence of businesses. 

Through machine learning techniques and natural language processing, app developers are integrating virtual assistants in the application architecture. These virtual assistants observe user or customer behavior and try to understand their preferences. Accordingly, these virtual assistants can develop a pattern. 

Personalized recommendations

To keep your users engaged, supplying them with the relevant content is important for businesses. Now, with the right AI algorithms implemented in mobile apps, businesses can keep a track of what choices customers are making. And accordingly, businesses can recommend other products to them which customers may find interesting and make a purchase. Such recommendation systems and learning algorithms can help in generating revenue for businesses.
Automated reasoning techniques

This technique mainly works on studying a huge amount of data and accordingly applying the resultant insights to solve a certain issue. Navigation systems are probably the best examples of how automated reasoning techniques can be applied in mobile apps. On-demand cab services like Uber utilizes this technique for route optimization. Also, while you make an app like Google Maps, you can see how these techniques have been implemented. 

Empowers search engines

Usually, we search for something on the web by typing, right? With AI and ML, a new method of searching is becoming popular i.e. image and voice recognition. Today, most of the app developers are integrating this advanced technology and devising voice and image recognition system in various mobile apps. This helps to enhance the user experience and makes it smoother for the users. Thus, businesses can boost their conversion rates. 

Real-time language translation

You will find many applications in today’s market using which users can take an image of a text in one language and then translate it into another language. Now, when you implement advanced technologies like AI and ML in your application, it becomes smart and capable enough to translate various languages in real-time that too without an internet connection. 
Advanced app authentication

In cybersecurity, AI plays a major role. Today, the digital threat has become so common that most businesses are concerned with their app’s security. We already discussed how AI and ML help in analyzing user behavior. Now, if any user activity or behavior can cause potential threats, they can be notified about it in advance. 

App marketing

Suppose you run a business that deals with global customers. Now, is it really possible for you to keep track of individual customer’s behavior? Smartphones and AI-based applications are helping to research and analyze the market by gaining insights from the history of user behaviors. Thus, businesses can invest their time in making better marketing plans that can improve user engagement and boost sales. This adds up the cost of app development.

So, these are a few points where AI is significantly influencing the mobile app development industry. However, the scopes of AI and ML are not limited to this only. We can expect to see more from these advanced technologies in the coming years. 

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