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Why Are YouTube Videos So Slow? - How to Speed Up YouTube Videos

by Win Metry, from WinMetry, on Sep 25
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Almost everyone has experienced the YouTube videos slowing down and the annoying appearance of the "spinning circle" while you wait for it to buffer. Most of us have used ingenious ways to watch the videos without break by pausing the video and waiting for it to buffer fully. It is exasperating and takes a long time but you are at least able to watch the video continuously.

Most people will be surprised to know that there are many other ways to speed up the YouTube videos without waiting so long. One of the easy and conventional ways to accelerate your speed is to delete all files, history and cookies from your Internet Explorer. This can unclog your computer's cache and restore the previous high performance. Do remember to shutdown and reboot your system after this process.

Another obtrusive element that can disrupt your peaceful video viewing is the add-on programs or software that may be installed on your Internet Explorer or Firefox page like toolbars by various search engines. You might also want to install the latest version of your web browser and the new flash player which is freely available on the internet.

One of the paid ways to increase your YouTube video speed would be to upgrade your connection speed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is sure to increase the buffer and download speed and would get rid of problems like quick start and stop of YouTube videos. If you have an ADSL connection or higher, you can change the DNS server that you got through your Internet Service Provider. This will increase your streaming speed as well as your normal surfing ability. free online youtube downloader

For further enhancement of your video viewing experience you could try downloading various Freeware available on the net like Speed Bit Video Accelerator for YouTube and by wifi. As the name suggests, these are freely available for download and accelerate your video viewing experience.

The application improves the rate at which videos are downloaded by substituting a single connection with a multi-connection algorithm. This will handle your cache buffering more efficiently and increase your buffering speed tremendously.

Software such as Speed Bit Video Accelerator would be requiring a nominal fee for its premium version which has an ultra fast connection but they also offer freeware which may not be as fast as the premium. Even with just a freeware installed, the speeds can be up to 5 times faster than normal. youtube video download

One of the reasons why YouTube videos are slow is broken registries caused by system error and lack of system maintenance. This process cannot be repaired and will worsen. Repairing your registry can only be done automatically, attempting to repair registry manually may result in severe system damage.

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